HUB International Atlantic

At HUB International Atlantic we believe in a client-first approach. We take our role of brokering insurance on behalf of the customer very seriously. This simple yet profound philosophy has stayed with us as we've expanded to become one of the largest commercial brokerages located in Atlantic Canada.


HUB International Atlantic

At HUB International Atlantic we believe in a client-first approach.

We take our role of brokering insurance on behalf of the customer very seriously. This simple yet profound philosophy has stayed with us as we've expanded to become one of the largest commercial brokerages located in Atlantic Canada.

Our strength in serving our clients comes from our expansive maritime network of experienced staff. Our clients value our discretion and confidential approach, which we apply to all aspects of their business. Our expertise allows us to leverage strong negotiating power with well-established national and international insurance companies.

We believe in providing expert direction backed with good judgment and accuracy.


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Commercial Insurance

Built on a foundation of integrity, our team of commercial insurance experts make it a point to see beyond the obvious. We council and negotiate the best insurance program for each unique situation and client. It is our comprehensive Process of Discovery which allows us to create accurate insurance packages, advise on risk management issues and offer preventive measures analysis. We embrace every opportunity to help our clients succeed.

Process of Discovery is like understanding the DNA of your company. Without it you will not be covered properly. Due to our experience and a deep understanding of commercial insurance, our brokers are able to ask specific questions which unveil areas of risk and gaps.

Thousands of commercial clients have gone through the Process of Discovery and are shocked to learn their company has critical coverage gaps. Those who have passed with glowing results walk away happy and sleep better at night knowing their coverage works.

Our brokers act as consultants to industry leaders. The Process of Discovery is like a tool to determine if the insurance you have in place is the right fit for your company. When you are ready to work with our team to secure different and proper coverage, we can provide it.

For example, many companies continue renewing the coverage they have. In most cases, their operations or the insurance industry has changed. In either, the fit is not right. New and dynamic programs and policies are constantly available.

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Construction Project Risk Management and Insurance Solutions 

HUB International Atlantic maintains a brokerage that concentrates on identifying and managing risk exposures for large and complex construction projects, implementing a variety of strategies such as clean-up cost cap policies, owner or contractor-controlled (wrap-up) insurance and risk transfer. 

The HUB Atlantic Commercial Difference  

The unmatched construction insurance expertise and innovation of the HUB Atlantic team is key to its ability to design solutions for the construction industry. The many liability and risk exposures of the contractor and investor require a team of insurance managers who can draw on a global pool of resources in drafting an overall solution. 

HUB Atlantic has Managed Insurance and Risk Exposure for Construction Projects Including: 

  • Commercial Construction
  • Residential Development
  • Public and Private Construction Projects
  • Design and Implementation of Owner-Controlled and Contractor-Controlled Insurance Programs (Wrap-Up)
  • Issuance of Bonds and Certificates of Insurance
  • Complex Insurance Specifications
  • Design Build Methodology
  • Design Professional Liability Exposures

Contract Surety

Bonding can be a very confusing but necessary part of doing business, particularly in the construction industry. With several well-known bonding companies available to us, we can assist in providing you with the product you require.

Many firms offer bonds but not all can deliver. In many cases, securing a bond is like wrestling an alligator. Surety facilities need to be convinced that your project and your company are worth the risk.

Bonds Available Through HUB Atlantic Include:

  • Performance Bonds
  • Labour & Material Payment Bonds
  • Bid Bonds
  • Agreement to Bond
  • Fiduciary Bonds
  • License & Permit Bonds
  • Customs & Excise Bonds
  • Many More

HUB Atlantic goes to the mat for its clients. We anticipate the concerns of the surety companies so that we can negotiate terms and rates for our clients. We develop strong working relationships that last through each project.

No two projects are the same as there are a thousand moving parts to consider. We make sure that the contract surety is in place so you can focus on the rest.

Trucking Insurance

Coverage for Every Inch of Your Journey

HUB Atlantic offers over 200 specialty trucking insurance coverage options. A wide range of coverage options allow us to treat each independent driver or fleet owner with the individual respect they deserve. We do not offer cookie cutter programs, which often include unwanted coverages.

You will benefit from our hands-on knowledge of the trucking industry. As your cargo changes so should your coverage. When faced with a unique situation we are just a phone call away to sort out your unique risks and gaps in coverage. From Cross Border Service Support to Loss of Use Coverage, our Trucking Specialty Brokers will ensure that you have the right coverage every inch of the way.

Through our Process of Discovery we will examine your position in the marketplace and recommend the insurance coverage options tailored to fit your needs. Our strong relationship with major trucking insurance companies allows us to be aware as new and innovative developments occu in your industry.

Our clients value not only our in-depth knowledge of the trucking industry but also our discreet and confidential approach to corporate clients, ensuring you get the privacy you deserve.

HUB Atlantic offers:

  • Logistic Insurance
  • Specialty Product Handling and Hauling Insurance
  • Gap and Repo Gap Coverage
  • Cargo Legal Liability
  • Warehouse Legal Liability
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Flexible Deductible Options
  • Garage Auto Insurance
  • Cross Boarder Service Support
  • Hazardous Materials Hauling Coverage
  • Third Party Liability
  • Driver Benefits Packages
  • Loss of Use Coverage
  • Cargo Coverage in Transit
  • Cargo Storage Coverage
  • Driver Improvement Programs
  • Domestic Short and Long Haul Coverage
  • Livestock Transport Programs
  • Specialty Animals and Zoo Programs
  • Applications for Unexpected Extensions on Coverage
  • Refrigeration Goods Containers Shipping
  • Life Insurance and Medical Benefit Drivers