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A HUB International Virtual Summit

Responding to changing workforce needs

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2021 is the year of the "big re·set" and employers must respond to employees' changing needs and expectations. Those who re·think and re·imagine how to best support their employees will be better positioned for success.

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Replay all our sessions on financial wellness, retirement, DE&I and mental health on-demand.


Resilience & the Future of Work: Navigating "Certain Uncertainty"


Managing the Seismic Shifts in Today’s Workplace

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Are Your Employees Retirement Ready?

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Client Case Study:
Hootsuite’s Journey of DEI & Benefits Design

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Work From Anywhere – Creating Inclusive Benefits in a Boundaryless Workplace

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Beyond Burnout: Responding to Employee Mental Health Needs

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April Rinne  portrait

April Rinne - Keynote

Author of Flux: 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change

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Tara Ataya portrait

Tara Ataya

Chief People and Diversity Officer, Hootsuite

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Jeff Faber portrait

Jeff Faber

Chief Strategy Officer, Employee Benefits, US

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Andrea Goodkin portrait

Andrea Goodkin

Executive Vice President, Human Resources Consulting, US

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Valerie Adelson portrait

Valerie Adelson

Senior Consultant, Employee Benefits & Group Retirement Services

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Nicole Boduel portrait

Nicole Boduel

Employee Benefits Consultant

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Devon Forshner portrait

Devon Forshner

Associate Vice President, Employee Benefits

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Jamie Johnson portrait

Jamie Johnson

Senior Vice President, Benefits Consulting

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Mary-Lou MacDonald portrait

Mary-Lou MacDonald, MSc

National Practice Lead, Health & Performance

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Mim Minichiello portrait

Mim Minichiello

President, Employee Benefits, New England, US

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Faizal Mitha portrait

Faizal Mitha

Chief Sales & Innovation Officer

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Chris Morrison portrait

Chris Morrison

Member Transition Manager

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Greg Pallone portrait

Greg Pallone

Senior Vice President, Employee Benefits & Group Retirement Services

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Joanne Rose portrait

Joanne Rose

Senior Group Benefits Consultant

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Philip Swayze portrait

Philip Swayze, MS, CWPD

East Region Practice Leader, Health & Performance, US

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