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Commercial Truck Insurance

Let’s protect your people and your operation.

Commercial Trucking Insurance

It’s all about protecting your bottom line

Whether you operate several trucks or manage a fleet of hundreds, the likelihood of one of your vehicles and drivers being involved in a serious accident on our increasingly crowded highways is one of your greatest worries. 

That’s why, as important as all of your safety measures are, it is essential to protect your operation with the best commercial trucking insurance available. We specialize in motor carriers for hire and will work with you to cover your drivers, reduce your losses and loss-related costs, and protect your company’s bottom line.

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Cost-effective coverage and superior protection

As your business partner, our primary mission is to offer you the best insurance value for your premium dollar and provide you with ideal customer service. Our specialists focus on helping balance your needs with cost-effective programs that provide unique coverage and superior protection.

For the commercial trucking industry, a wide range of coverage is available. Together, we can build a plan that includes:

Know your Risk

Are you managing independent drivers as if they were your employees?

Avoid misclassification liabilities and fines when contracting with Independent Owner Operators.