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Venue Insurance

Let’s be sure that your venue isn’t a liability — whatever happens.

Protect yourself against unwanted surprises

From conference centers to concert halls, or outdoor stages to sports venues, you provide the places people go to be informed, enlightened and entertained. And when you do, as an owner of the facility that’s hosting an event, you know that there are risks involved.

Beyond the immediate concerns for public safety and potential damage to your property, venue risks include maintenance and upkeep costs, contract obligations, and performance cancellations or disruptions. In fact, any number of issues can arise, leaving you out of pocket — or worse, potentially liable.

We’ll help you manage those risks. We’ve developed specialized venue insurance plans to protect commercial venues and cover liability claims against owners and operators arising from catastrophic business interruption, performer cancellation or other unpredicted occurrences.

We’ll even work with you to develop and implement a loss-control program, an effective communications program and a proactive claims management process.

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