As parts of the country dig out from winter in preparation for the arrival of spring and summer, boat camping enthusiasts anticipate returning to a favourite pastime. But taking your boat out for a leisurely ride is one thing - combining the adventures of boating and camping involves a critical layer of organization.

How to prepare

Before embarking on a boat camping trip, prepare for the unexpected and be sure to take along everything you’ll need. Whether out on the water or docked for the night, the nearest grocery or supply store isn’t likely to be around the corner. So, before you pack up all you’ll need, evaluate your stowage and deck space to determine how much room you have. Keep in mind the space you need for getting around the boat, and remember you’ll need to access hatches, dock lines, bumpers, anchors, and other gear. And then, get packing! Be sure to include:

  • Safety supplies: First Aid kit; sunscreen; bug repellent; medications; lifejackets; flashlights; fire extinguisher
  • Camping gear: Tent and poles; stakes; a ground and rain tarp; sleeping bags
  • Survival supplies: Spare keys; tool kit, flares; spare prop and prop-removal tool; VHR radio (and/or submersible handheld radio); GPS, a compass, and navigation charts; warm and versatile clothing that dries quickly; prepared good; more fresh water than you think you’ll need

Examine your insurance coverage

Before you push off and sail out to sea, consult with your insurance broker before departing to make sure your boat is properly insured. Because anything can happen, determine how much coverage you have for your boat through your homeowner’s policy and the extent you’re protected under your boat owner’s policy. Typically, boat insurance covers many components, such as: towing to a repair facility if you incur mechanical problems, physical damage resulting from a collision, personal property on the boat, and any injuries you, your passengers or anyone else in the water may sustain while boating. Gather as much knowledge about your coverage beforehand so that you can enjoy the boat camping adventure ahead. 

Thoughtful planning, preparation, and consulting with your insurance broker will go a long way to ensure a smooth boat camping experience with minimal mishaps or inconveniences. Contact your HUB broker to make sure you have the right coverage for your upcoming trip.