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HR Technology and Benefits Administration

Let’s make your job easier.

It’s about finding a system that fits

From ACA reporting to managing employee recruitment and the timely administration of your employees’ benefits, the burden on you and your staff just keeps growing. It’s become nearly impossible to get your work done efficiently without a good technology solution.

Whether you’re considering an enrollment solution, a comprehensive benefits administration platform or an enterprise solution with integrated HR and benefits administration capabilities, HUB can help. Let’s find the HR technology and benefits administration solution that meets your needs and: 

Frees you and your team from routine tasks better handled by technology
Gives your employees a positive enrollment experience
Ensures compliance with ACA reporting requirements

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MyHUB Spectrum of Technology Solutions

HR information systems (HRIS) and benefits administration technologies are constantly evolving. Finding the system that fits your objectives, culture and budget can be a challenge. Count on HUB to stay on top of all the developments. We use a rigorous and ongoing evaluation process to maintain a deep understanding of the technology landscape.

Our technology experts have built a roster of preferred vendors and solutions for small, medium and large organizations. We’ll present you with options so you can see how your needs can be met by a broad spectrum of technology solutions.

Learn how you can benefit from our preferred arrangements with competitive pricing and enhanced service components.

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Making the Case for HR Benefits Technology

40% of organizations report having a major HR systems initiative underway, including benefits technology upgrades.

Learn how to build your business case for HR benefits technology.

Your Roadmap to Strategic HR: ihouse

Aligning your technology, work processes and business strategy is the key to elevating HR in your organization. If you’re ready to invest in a technology solution that helps you achieve your goals -- now and in the future -- it’s time to talk to ihouse.

ihouse is HUB’s consulting and advisory specialist group for custom HRIS and Benefit Administration Technology solutions. For over 20 years, ihouse has helped employers plan and execute on all facets of HRIS and Benefit Administration initiatives.

ihouse services include:

  • Analysis of your current HRIS infrastructure
  • Full benefit administration process mapping
  • Business requirements documentation
  • Process improvement recommendations
  • Tailored RFP with scripted onsite demonstrations
  • Change management consulting
  • Technology implementation support and best practice consulting
  • Job aid, training and communication development
  • Total compensation statements

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