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Directors & Officers Insurance

Let’s protect your executives’ personal assets.

Director and Officers Liability

Public, private or nonprofit – if you make decisions for your organization you’re exposed without directors and officers insurance

You don’t have to have shareholders to be exposed, because claims can come from any stakeholder – customers, partners, vendors, employees, and creditors. And a claim against your organization’s leadership can mean costly civil, criminal, judicial, administrative, regulatory or arbitration proceedings. Worse still, judgments and settlements can reach into your personal assets. 

In today’s business climate, every decision an employee makes has the potential to be scrutinized by just about everyone you do business with – customers, vendors, shareholders and even other employees. Directors and Officers Insurance protects directors, officers and employees for liabilities that result directly from their decisions. Directors and Officers Insurance covers defense costs and damages should any of your employees be named in a lawsuit, regulatory action, or face allegations of misrepresentation or breach of fiduciary duties.  

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More detail

Who Needs Directors and Officers Insurance?

Public, private and non-profit leadership alike face increased exposure based on their internal decisions, including lawsuits brought by creditors, vendors, suppliers and investors, state and federal regulators and shareholders. Directors and Officers Insurance protects past and present directors, officers and employees should they be named in a lawsuit that is either brought against them specifically, or the organization’s entity, based on their capacity as a director or officer.

Did You Know?

Without Directors and Officers Insurance, your employees could be held personally liable for their actions on behalf of the organization. Think of Directors and Officers Insurance as corporate and personal asset protection for your principal decision makers.

Typical D&O Exclusions

Your policy should take into account your specific business profile. Even if you have a Directors and Officers insurance policy be very careful about broad exclusion language. Get an understanding of claims not covered by a Directors and Officers insurance policy.

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