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ACA Compliance and Reporting

Let’s minimize the impact of the Affordable Care Act on your employees and your bottom line.

aca compliance

There's no room for error

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is complex, but it can be managed. Together, we can develop an ACA compliance and reporting strategy that will prepare you for federal agency audits and help you steer clear of fines and taxes.

While your benefits plan may be ACA-compliant, you’re required to produce accurate IRS forms to prove it — and reporting errors can lead to financial penalties. 

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More detail

Get the right tools at the right time

Your HUB advisor can help you build a solid foundation for your strategy with expert services, including:

  • ACA compliance audits
  • ACA financial impact and cost analysis
  • ACA reporting review
  • Form 5500 preparation advisory services
  • Benefits plan documents review
  • Online resource center and tools

Contact a HUB advisor to get started.

The IRS is Coming. Prepare Now.

Take steps now to ensure your organization is prepared for an ACA audit. Mistakes in your 1095-C Forms can trigger an audit and lead to costly IRS penalties that can impact your bottom line.  

The ACA Audit Checklist outlines the records and documents you’ll need to defend your choices, actions and calculations. 

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