Personal Insurance

HUB International Personal Insurance provides objective counsel and holistic approach to risk management that includes comprehensive coverage from the world's leading insurers to protect your family and personal possessions.

HUB experts partner with you to protect your: home, automobiles, valuable articles, umbrella coverage, life insurance and more.



No matter where your life may take you, HUB International's personal insurance coverage protects you, your family and your personal possessions. Our comprehensive approach to risk management means that you're covered whether you're at home or on the go.

Our innovative personal insurance solutions are designed for professionals working and living across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. HUB International partners with the world's premier insurers, offering personalized, holistic coverage options designed to keep your assets -- and your loved ones -- safe.

HUB offers tailored insurance policies to protect your most significant investment - your home. From homeowner's and condominium insurance, valuable articles, and farm and ranch insurance, we have got you covered. We also offer renter's insurance and a range of natural disaster coverage, including earthquake, flood and hurricane protection.

HUB International is here to ensure you are protected when you are on the go. Whether you need protection for your car, motorcycle, boat or recreational vehicle, you can choose from our comprehensive coverage options tailored to your specific needs. We also offer travel insurance so you can rest easy while you're away from home.

HUB International also offers a full range of specialty personal insurance options, including aviation insurance for private air travel and even equine exposures. For the peace of mind that only added protection brings, we offer personal excess liability insurance to reduce the risk of financial liability from lawsuits and judgments.

When you're seeking a personal insurance company that understands your unique needs, HUB International is here to help. To learn more about our range of personal insurance products, contact us today.