Founded in 1957, the HUB Las Vegas NM insurance office offers property and casualty, employee benefits, personal insurance and risk management solutions. HUB New Mexico has over 180 employees in six locations. The Las Vegas NM insurance office was a new location for HUB’s New Mexico operations, after it was acquired in 2014. HUB New Mexico traces its roots in New Mexico back to 1957 when The Talbot Agency was founded in Albuquerque.

HUB International is dedicated to maintaining and upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in all of our dealings with you, our client. We want to be your trusted advisor, and as such, we need to earn your confident. So we make a promise to you. We call it The HUB Advantage. Our mission is to make this advantage yours - and this is our commitment.

We strive to secure the most favorable terms from insurers, taking into account all of the circumstances - the risk you need to insure, the cost of insurance, the financial condition of the insurer, the insurer's reputation for service, and any other factors that are specific to you as our client.

You make the ultimate decision as to both the terms of insurance and the company providing your coverage. Our objective is to provide you with choices that meet your insurance needs, and to educate you so your decision is fully informed and best suited to your circumstances.

We comply with the laws of every jurisdiction in which we operate.