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Medical Practice Insurance

Let’s protect your practice, your employees — and the patients who count on you.

Medical Practice Insurance

The doctor’s office is evolving. Your medical practice insurance should do the same.

The challenges of running a medical practice have never been greater. Many practices are consolidating, which compounds risk exposure. Reimbursements are shrinking as regulatory requirements and administrative workloads increase. Investments in technology, infrastructure and staff add more complexity and increase economic pressure.

Our medical practice insurance specialists understand the unique risks medical doctors face, both in delivering care and managing their practices. We’ll work with you to identify ways to improve your coverage while reducing exposure and managing the total cost of your medical practice insurance program — so you can focus on taking care of your patients.

Insurance and risk services for your top challenges

We help with medical practice insurance and risk management for:

  • Medical Professional Liability: Without the right coverage, structure and limits, the cost of a malpractice lawsuit could force your medical practice into debt, or even put you out of business.
  • Patient and employee safety: Slips, trips, falls and other injuries can occur on your property at any time. General liability insurance and workplace safety practices are critical to preventing losses.
  • Cyber and privacy liability: Protecting patient data is key to avoiding HIPAA violations and penalties. Whether intentional or accidental, a data breach could result in large indemnities, crippling fines and other costs.
  • Staff injury and illness: Healthcare workers can strain their backs, contract an infection, or fall prey to myriad other work-related injuries or illnesses. We’ll help you manage workplace safety and workers’ compensation costs.
  • Emergency response and evacuation: We’ll help you develop and update plans in the event of a weather-related disaster or workplace violence incident.
  • Executive and management liability: Make management decisions with confidence, knowing that your business, reputation and assets are protected in the event of a claim.
  • Employee benefits: We can help you build a cost-effective plan that supports and engages your people and helps you attract and retain top talent.

Schedule a no-cost evaluation of your current medical practice insurance and risk management program.

Whether you’re part of a single- or multi-site practice, our specialists can help you develop a medical practices insurance and risk management plan that closes gaps in your current coverage, reduces your costs, and ensures that you have:

  • The right insurance coverage for your exposures
  • Policies and procedures to minimize the risk of accidents or mistakes that can lead to costly claims
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