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Agribusiness Insurance

Let’s protect your business, your employees — and the farmers who depend on you.

Agribusiness Insurance

Protection for every step of your supply chain

We understand the complex agribusiness insurance needs that come with serving the agricultural community and getting food from farm to fork.

Our agribusiness insurance specialists will work with you to develop a holistic plan to protect your business, optimize employee benefits, and manage risk throughout your entire supply chain — from transit through storage and distribution.

Helping you prevent and manage major losses

Our highly credentialed in-house claims consultants and risk managers are also available to help you prevent losses and better manage agribusiness insurance claims.

We provide a wide range of agribusiness insurance solutions for companies involved in the food supply chain; firms that process, store and distribute farm commodities; and manufacturers and distributors of farm equipment and supplies.

We can help with:

  • Transportation insurance
  • Fleet safety
  • Supply chain sustainability
  • OSHA compliance
  • Worker safety and controlling workers’ compensation costs
  • Employee benefits compliance and administration
  • Seasonal employment

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