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Courageous Leadership

External Conference | HUB International Spokane Office
501 S Bernard St 2nd Floor, Spokane, WA 99204

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This program is designed for all management personnel.

As leadership traits go, courage is the big one. Whether it’s having an uncomfortable conversation, delegating consequential tasks, or making a decision to move ahead on a new project - demonstrating leadership courage can be scary. Yet it’s precisely the kind of behavior that fosters trust and sets a crucial example for others to follow.

The objectives of this workshop are to help managers:

  • Learn about the three different types of courage and when (and how) to use each.
  • Gain insight into your own “courage history” so that you can use your past to strengthen your future.
  • Understand the impact that fear has on personal and organizational performance.
  • Recognize two distinct ways of leading and about approaches for inspiring more courageous behavior among the people with whom you work.
Kim Rossi, MBA
Leadership Development Consultant
Kim Rossi has 20 years of diverse human resources experience helping both large and small organizations achieve wide ranging business objectives. She has demonstrated expertise in business operations, coaching and developing staff, and project management, as well as established skills in presenting training materials clearly and effectively in both classroom and webshop environments. Kim has developed and facilitated numerous workshops in the areas of management skills, general business skills, change management, and career development to all levels of employees from hourly workers to CEOs.

Courageous Leadership

HUB International Spokane Office
501 S Bernard St 2nd Floor
Spokane, WA 99204