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HUB International: Saving on Your Healthcare Costs

HUB Event | Caffe Aldo Lamberti
2011 Marlton Pike West, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

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Ideal For
CEOs, CFOs, COOs, HR Directors, HR VPs and Managers with 50 employees or more.

Join leading global insurance brokerage HUB International for a powerful discussion to save up to 30% on your healthcare spend. Our experts will illustrate the compound impact of savings from Reference Based Pricing, Rx Contract Analysis and the new wave of Self-funding arrangements appropriate for even smaller size groups.

This session will provide you with information on:

  • Reference-Based Pricing: Is private health insurance due for disruptive innovation?
  • Why is the employer next door paying 50% less for hospital care?
  • If Medicare limits its cost increase at 1.5% why can’t you?

How you can retain the massive savings differential between Medicare provider fees and private carriers– without a reduction in coverage! Rx Benefits:

  • Truly understand how Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) impact your Rx cost and how to control them.
  • Key concepts that PBMs don't want you to understand about your Rx cost
  • Common PBM contract pitfalls that add to your Rx costs How to avoid c-suite resistance from controlling Rx spend
  • Current industry structure, new developments and cost saving strategies

HUB International Presenters: Vaughan M. Reale CEBS, CLU, Vice President - Employee Benefits, Northeast Matt Bello, Assistant Vice President - Employee Benefits, East Region Continuing Education Credits Available

Matt Bello
Assistant Vice President, Employee Benefits
HUB international
Vaughan Reale
Vice President, Employee Benefits Northeast
HUB International

HUB International: Saving on Your Healthcare Costs

Caffe Aldo Lamberti
2011 Marlton Pike West
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002