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How to Protect Your Employees —
and Company from Sexual Harassment 

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HUB experts discuss how leaders can protect their employees and companies from sexual harassment while building healthier work cultures.

Today, businesses are navigating a massive cultural shift. Sexual harassment is an issue that must be dealt with. Business owners, managers, HR professionals and other leaders have a responsibility both to safeguard employees, and to protect their companies against liability. From small to midsized businesses to major companies, the need for proper policies, training programs and responsive insurance has never been greater.

Learn what you can do to protect your employees, management and your company from sexual harassment claims. Start by taking a brief quiz – Is It Sexual Harassment? – to test your knowledge.
EPL What Leadership Needs to Know

Reduce your risk of a sexual harassment lawsuit

Employment liability claims are on the rise and many employers are reviewing their company practices and their insurance coverage. Find out if your business is adequately covered from a potential lawsuit:

Create a positive workplace culture to protect your employees

When it comes to sexual harassment, most employers focus on compliance and claims prevention. Here’s how to develop a workplace culture that fosters respect for all employees.

Human Capital Performance

Let’s assess your workplace culture and employment liability risks to develop a customized solution for your organization.

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