Health Advocacy

HUB offers a full spectrum of personalized, cost-effective solutions to help address the wide range of challenges that your employees face in navigating their benefits and the healthcare system.

Health advocacy programs are an important part of any group medical plan to help employees manage their health while enabling employers to round out their wellness initiatives as part of a comprehensive population health management program.

An advocacy program provides employees with access to trained advisors who can help employees and their families navigate health care and insurance-related issues to save time and money. A program includes:

  • Specialists who negotiate out-of-pocket costs on uncovered medical bills.
  • Chronic care management through personalized support and condition management.
  • After-hours access to registered nurses for non-urgent conditions.
  • Counseling and resource support for personal, family and work issues.
As an employer, advocacy programs are important for population health management because you have access to claims data, and additional services are available to educate employees and connect them to the right benefit and health resources. As a result, a robust population health management program that incorporates wellness, advocacy and employee engagement can better manage:

  • Cost controls on employee benefit plans
  • Workforce productivity
  • The impact of rising Workers' Compensation costs