Health Care Reform Webinars

  • Optimize Benefits Cost Management for Your Organization in 2016

    Presented by Nancy Scola Lombaer, Partner, Employee Benefits Strategy and Steve Purkapile, Vice President, Underwriting.

    2016 is a pivotal year for controlling benefits costs as medical expenses and regulatory oversight are on the rise. Now more than ever, strategic multi-year planning is crucial to success. Learn how to implement new and proven strategies that deliver savings of up to 30% while fostering a culture of health-care consumerism among your workforce.

    Listen to this webinar to learn how you can control costs by:

    • Capturing savings through proven cost management strategies, such as narrowed networks, metallic spectrum plans, and reference-based pricing.
    • Leveraging your data to manage costs – where to find it, what data is needed and how you can use it in a compliant way.

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  • Protect Your Business: Preparing for ACA Reporting Deadlines and Verification Audits

    Are you ready for the first incoming wave of ACA reporting deadlines and ACA verification audits by the IRS?

    ACA reporting is about to get real. Beginning in 2016, employers need to file their reports on time and demonstrate a good faith effort to comply, or risk severe fines from an ACA verification audit by the IRS.

    Listen to this webinar to hear from our panel of experts to ensure you are prepared for an ACA verification audit and:

    • Learn what you can expect in the months ahead as we review the 2016 reporting timeline and ACA reporting verification audit process.
    • Understand the resources and tools that will help you demonstrate a good faith reporting effort to the IRS this year.
    • Explore the value of multi-year strategic planning to make reporting easier and reduce your risk of non-compliance in subsequent years.
    • Harness data and analytics to determine plan affordability and value and confirm it meets the requirements of the employer mandate.

    Presented by Linda Keller, Employee Benefits Practice leader, Jack McStravock, Chief Compliance Officer and Dan Openshaw, Director of Data Analytics.

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  • Planning, Preparing and Calculating Your Potential Cadillac Tax Fines

    Presented by Sibyl Bogardus, Chief Compliance Officer and Dan Openshaw, Director of Data Analytics.

    The United States Government continues its drive towards the implementation of the Cadillac Tax - a 40% excise tax on health plans. You'll learn what you need to do now and how to redesign your plan over the next 1-2 years to minimize the level of tax you’ll be liable for.

    Participants will benefit by:

    1. Understanding the most recent Cadillac Tax changes
    2. Learning how to conduct an accurate calculation of the tax
    3. Collecting details on all types of health plans/benefits that trigger the tax
    4. Calculating breach thresholds for individual employees and the full employer level
    5. Redesigning benefit plans to mitigate the Cadillac Tax

  • Disruptive Technology - How New Technology is Changing the Landscape of Employee Benefits and Wellness: FAQs

    Mike Barone, HUB International President of Employee Benefits hosted a webinar called, Disruptive Technology - How New Technology is Changing the Landscape of Employee Benefits and Wellness. Topics of the webinar included, the reshaping of employee engagement, new innovations and what to look for in a technology vendor as health care reform continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Listen to the question and answer session that followed on from this webinar.

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  • It's Open Enrollment Season - Get Your HR House in Order

    Watch the HUB open enrollment season webinar – hosted by Sibyl Bogardus, chief compliance officer, and Stacy Kuehler, principal for communication and design. Learn how to effectively communicate your benefits program to ensure defensible compliance including:

    • Documenting key steps, processes and procedures during open enrollment such as plan design, material distribution, form collection, cafeteria plan elections and notices
    • Devising and using an open enrollment checklist to prepare for a successful open enrollment and future audit prevention
    • Creating a powerful communication message that effectively communicates your investment in benefits and encourages employees to recognize its value
    • Establishing multiple communication channels, solutions and tools in order to accommodate employee consumption
    • Measuring the results of your communications plan to shape future communications

    For more information contact a HUB Employee Benefits Specialist.

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  • Disruptive Technology - How New Technology is Changing the Landscape of Employee Benefits and Wellness

    Technology is evolving as fast as you can say employee benefits and that's a very good thing. Benefit packages from five years ago look markedly different from today's.

    Listen in to this webinar to learn how rapid (and welcome) changes in technology are reshaping employee benefits:  

    • How technology will reshape employee engagement and appreciation of benefits, leading to sustainable cost management
    • The rapid rate of innovation - how today's disparate technology solutions will become tomorrow's streamlined platform
    • How to capture big data not only for compliance and reporting purposes - but also to shape your benefit offering
    • What to look for in a technology vendor: How to cut through the hype
    • Best practices for implementation, communication and reporting using new technology

    For more information contact a HUB Employee Benefits Specialist.

  • PPACA Is Here to Stay - Getting Started on the Employer Mandate Now

    PPACA is Here to Stay- Getting Started on the Employer Mandate Now was presented by Sibyl Bogardus, Chief Compliance Officer, Western Region, at HUB International on August 20th . This was a great opportunity to review some of the upcoming challenges we face as healthcare reform continues apace.

    The U.S. Supreme Court recently issued its highly anticipated decision in King v. Burwell sending a clear message to employers that PPACA is here to stay. The ruling upholds PPACA, and leaves intact the Employer Mandate and its related penalties. With the Employer Mandate for large and small employers remaining in place, what does it mean for employers now?

    Learn more about the strategies to put in place now:

    • Cost containment, compliance, affordability, and documentation strategies
    • ACA reporting solutions to solve tracking/1095-C
    • 3 to 5 year benefits administration considerations
    • Technology solutions and other options to consider
    • Plan redesigns to avoid the Cadillac tax and other fees and penalities

    If you did not have a chance to attend the live presentation, be sure to view the webinar recording.

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  • Wellness Challenges in the ACA Era

    HUB International Chief Compliance Officer Dennis Fiszer and Health & Performance Director Wendy King have co-hosted a national webinar discussing Wellness Challenges in the ACA Era.

    Listen to this webinar to prepare for the ongoing challenges that Health Care Reform present to your organization. Learn about:

    • The EEOC's recently released proposed regulations
    • EEOC rules and recent health care reform related to wellness programs
    • Changes in proposed EEOC regulations
    A copy of the presentation deck is also available for you to download.

  • Preparing for the Complexities and Burdens of ACA Reporting

    As of January 1, 2016 the Affordable Care Act mandates new employer reporting obligations to support IRS monitoring to assure employer compliance. The new reporting structure will require employers to accurately track employee counts and benefit administration details, and to certify plan affordability. Join HUB International's Chief Compliance Officer, Dennis Fiszer for a review of what employers should be doing to gear up for compliance.

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  • Complimentary Webinar: Preparing for the 2016 ACA Small Business Mandate

    As of January 1, 2016, small businesses with 50 or more full-time employees must accurately track and report full-time employee hours to the IRS. They must also offer an “affordable” health plan — or face steep penalties.

    What should you do now to be compliant by January 2016? View this one-hour webinar to avoid costly compliance mistakes later.

    View this webinar and learn about:

    • Counting your employees in 2015 to prove compliance in January 2016
    • Understanding 2015 full-time equivalents – seasonal and part-time headcount
    • Proving full-time employee determination for IRS audits 
    • Certifying employee count in 2016 using new IRS forms 
    • Managing expected plan rate increases due to compliance
    • Understanding impact of medical loss ratios (MLR)
    • Creating strategies for renewals and plan redesigns open enrollment

    This webinar is sponsored by HUB International and hosted by Employee Benefit News.

  • Lessons Learned - The Initial Rollout of the Employer Mandate

    As of January 1, 2015, the Federal Government took a major step in making employers with 100 or more full-time workers in the U.S. offer affordable, comprehensive insurance - or face stiff penalties. HUB International's Chief Compliance Officers, Sibyl Bogardus and Dennis Fiszer discuss the:

    • Tough and valuable lessons learned from the 1/1/15 enrollment start
    • Technology delays and impacts on meeting legal reporting requirements
    • Effects of exchange enrollments, subsidies, and premium payments
    • Supreme Court Case outcomes, implications, and key milestones
    • Expectations of the Republican-controlled Congress
    • Increased DOL & IRS audit activity


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  • IRS Reporting Requirements for Health Care Reform

    Download this on-demand webinar to understand the IRS guidance and draft formsdetailing Section 6055 (Minimum Essential Coverage) and Section 6056 (Applicable Large Employer) reporting requirements, including who must file, when and the manner of reporting.

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  • How Does the U.S. Affordable Care Act Affect Canadian Businesses?

    The law applies to you if you're a Canadian company doing business within the U.S. As of January 1, 2015, full-time employees must be offered affordable, comprehensive medical insurance—or employers could face penalties of $2,000 per full-time employee.

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  • What Canadian Companies with US Operations Need to Know

    Less than 6 months remain before the employer mandate under US health care reform must be implemented. Register for an upcoming seminar and learn more about how Canadian companies with US operations might be impacted. 

    Seminars were held Monday, September 29th through Thursday, October 2nd.

  • Health Care Reform Update: Are Voluntary Benefits Changing to Necessary Benefits?

    Is your benefits package holistic in its offering? Are Voluntary Benefits one of the key Health Care Reform strategies employers can implement? How can an employer and their employees benefit by utilizing Voluntary Benefits to support health care reform.

    Seminar was held Thursday, May 8th.

  • HCR Update: Final Employer Mandate Regulations

    Federal agencies have jointly released new regulations implementing the employer mandate under health care reform. Although the compliance delay for smaller employers has received the most attention, there are 200+ pages of new rules addressing a wide variety of topics.

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  • Health Reform for 2014 and Beyond: Key Planning Points

    As we are 14 months from the implementation of the employer mandate, staying focused and using 2014 as a strategic execution year will position your organization for the looming changes. Please join us on Friday, November 15th as we analyze wellness, discrimination, private exchanges, emerging plan design changes and trends, and skinny plans.

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  • On-Demand Teleconference: New Employer Mandate Delay

    On July 2nd, the IRS announced a one-year delay for employer penalties associated with health reform as well as a similar delay for employer reporting regarding employee health plan coverage. These delays effectively mean the mandate to provide coverage will not take effect in 2014.

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  • Health Care Reform Update: Are You Ready?

    Do you know which of your employees will be entitled to coverage under next year’s health care reform mandate? How will newly proposed rules assessing PPACA standards for affordability and minimum value affect your wellness program? Are you optimizing the plan design opportunities allowed under federal law? What are the most common questions that employers have on health care reform? What are other employers in various industries adopting as their strategies? For example, how can you utilize the variable hour employee rules to your advantage? Please view our on-demand webinar for the answers to these questions and other related topics.

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  • Employer Mandate: Understanding the Business Impacts of Health Care Reform on Your Organization

    What does the recently released guidance on the Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions mean for your company and your plan? What must you do, and what should you do, to prepare for 2014 while containing costs and mitigating compliance exposures? For example, will you offer spouses coverage? How does your company structure impact your responsibilities and potential penalties? Can you leverage transition rules for your plan? What strategic steps in 2013 best prepare you for January 1, 2014?

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  • Election 2012: What does the outcome mean for Health Care Reform and Employers

    How will the Presidential Election and new Congress affect the continuing implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act? What direction should we expect to come from the White House? How will this translate to regulatory agencies? And how will results in state elections be reflected as we move into 2013?

    This webinar will provide timely analysis of how what happens on November 6 is likely to impact the course of Health Care Reform.

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  • Supreme Court Decision on Health Care Reform & Its Impact on Employers

    In March, the U.S. Supreme Court recently examined whether the sweeping federal health care reform law will stand, either in whole, in part, or not at all. Among the numerous issues under consideration, the Court reviewed whether Congress had the power under the Constitution to create the individual mandate.

    No matter how the Court rules, the decision will powerfully impact the health insurance industry, and all employers sponsoring group health plans. The Court’s published opinion is expected during the last week of June and this ruling will be the subject of our next HUB International webinar. Please join us for a discussion of what the new decision means to organizations sponsoring group health plans and to their individual employees.

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  • HUB International's Supreme Court Ruling Conference Call June 29

    On Friday, June 29, HUB International hosted a conference call for its clients. On this call, HUB’s Chief Compliance Officers, Sibyl Bogardus and Dennis Fiszer offered a brief overview on the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, also often referred to as Health Care Reform). Now that the law stands, please stay tuned as Sibyl and Dennis will be providing further guidance on what this means for employer from an implementation and compliance perspective.

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  • Futurama: Health Care Reform in 2013 and 2014

    Experience what you will be doing and the decisions you will be making in 2013 and 2014 as the brunt of new health reform rules first apply to your company. Also, follow the experience of individuals shopping for insurance on the exchange – both outside the employer system and through their small business employer. Understand the choices employees will face and the information they will have, including how those choices will differ based on age, geographic location, and income.

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  • Health Care Reform 2012: Recent Developments and Next Steps

    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) brings more changes in 2012. New rules and regulations will come into effect. Issues, such as the individual mandate and the severability clause will be brought before the Supreme Court. Over the course of this webinar, Sibyl Bogardus and Dennis Fiszer will discuss the news and issues that will affect organizations in 2012 and beyond.

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  • The Essential Plan Employer Mandate: Current Information, Impacts and Planning

    The Employer Mandate is a portion of the Affordable Care Act that is likely to have a substantial impact on businesses. Specifics of how the mandate will function are being determined by regulations that are currently being written. This webinar will focus on the latest available information on the law and these regulations, how the Employer Mandate will affect businesses, and the strategies businesses will adopt in complying with these new plan designs.

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  • Key Aspects of Exchanges as Enforcement Tools

    All states will be expected to set up Health Insurance Exchanges by January 1, 2014, if they have not set up alternative plans. The IRS and other federal agencies enforcing health reform penalties will use the information flowing through these exchanges to enforce the law. Explore how to avoid those penalties, how to erect your “best defense” to mitigate your exposure, and what to expect when enforcement begins. Also, learn the expected impact of Exchanges on employers’ group plans, as concerns emerge about erosion of plan participation.

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  • Top Ten Employer Concerns and Strategies

    HUB International has been consulting with clients across the country. Patterns in employer and provider reactions and legally compliant strategies are emerging as we discuss how healthcare reform will affect businesses. This webinar to explores trends and how businesses are addressing the challenges that arise from this new employee benefit landscape.

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  • Health Reform Phase II - Focusing Your Attention Wisely

    The Health Reform legislation will have an impact on nearly every segment of the US economy. Businesses need to know on how the changes brought by reform will affect their operations overall as well as where the HR and Benefits Department should be investing their time. This webinar focuses on the changes to healthcare that will have the most significant impact on short- and long-term planning.

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  • The Fate of Health Reform: Court Cases and Congressional Action

    This presentation for employers provides an overview of the new healthcare reform law and covers a variety of topics, such as plan document and operational changes to both fully-insured and self-funded plans. Also covered in this one hour webinar are employer mandates for essential health plan, vouchers, and exchanges.

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  • Preparing for Healthcare Reform

    This presentation for employers provides an overview of the new healthcare reform law and covers a variety of topics, such as plan document and operational changes to both fully-insured and self-funded plans. Also covered in this one hour webinar are employer mandates for essential health plan, vouchers, and exchanges.

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  • Healthcare Reform for Small Businesses

    Designed for employers with 1 to 50 employees, this one hour presentation explains the provisions of the law that will impact smaller businesses and what to do to plan and prepare for the future.

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