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Bobby Rahal Healthcare Case Study

Case Study: Controlling Healthcare Costs Through Self-Funding

How Bobby Rahal Automotive Set a Winning Course for Healthcare Benefits
Bobby Rahal Healthcare Case Study

The way the Bobby Rahal Automotive Group leaders saw things, their experiences with healthcare costs were kind of like being on a racetrack without ever approaching the finish line. That hurt, considering the Pennsylvania auto dealership’s majority owner was a winning former race car driver and team owner. It meant a new course had to be steered if the company and its employees were to come out ahead.

HUB International proposed the group move to self-funding its health plan. Through this strategy the organization gained the flexibility needed to drive savings with two programs – a reference-based pricing payment model for healthcare services and a pharmaceutical carve-out plan.

Read the case study  to learn how the Bobby Rahal Automotive Group, with strategic guidance from HUB International’s advisors, charted a new course for their healthcare benefits and finished ahead of the competition in strengthening their benefit plans.


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