Legalization of cannabis across North America has increased the number of people using marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes. As substance use increases, so does your responsibility as an employer to address workplace safety and comply with drug testing regulations.

So what can you do to keep up with this growing business risk?

  • Refresh workplace substance abuse policies to meet local regulations for drug testing and disciplinary action. Determine if you require a zero tolerance policy, or if you would tolerate consumption. Have a plan for how you will accommodate medicinal users.
  • Explicitly define tasks and positions that are safety sensitive, and enforce sobriety. Be clear when educating employees on drug usage policies especially if different policies pertain to different groups of employees.
  • Offer an employee assistance program as a benefit to help with substance abuse. Rehabilitation can help avoid losing your most productive workers.
  • Involve HR, legal, communications and employee representatives in creating new policies

As cannabis laws evolve, a proactive approach to employee safety benefits everyone.