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Support Your Drivers Health And Financial Well Being

Support Your Drivers’ Health and Financial Well-Being

Two key strategies to help attract the best drivers — and keep them safe, healthy and productive
Support Your Drivers Health And Financial Well Being

In this increasingly competitive labor market, finding the experienced and reliable drivers you need is difficult. How do you attract and retain good drivers, when there aren’t enough to satisfy the industry’s demand?

The answer is surprisingly simple, and it starts with being good to your drivers.

Optimizing employee benefits to support the health and financial well-being of your drivers is one of the easiest — and most cost-effective — ways to make your company an attractive place to work.

HUB International’s guide identifies several key benefits strategies proven to help you attract and retain quality drivers, reduce risk — and control costs. The guide includes an in-depth look at:
  • Recommended benefits to support drivers’ financial well-being
  • Tactics for promoting a healthy lifestyle on the road
  • Practical cost-management measures to help reduce your overall benefits spend
  • Real-life case studies that demonstrate the ROI of tailored benefits

Competing for talent requires employers to offer a wide range of benefits, some paid for by the company, others by the employee.

Download the guide now to learn how to give your drivers the benefits they want, without breaking your budget.

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