Watch Out For Pedestrians, Bicycles, and Motorcycles

In the last couple of years, there has been a significant shift to green and more cost-efficient commuting. As a result, more people are walking, and riding bikes, during business hours.

Every year there are thousands of crashes where cars and trucks come into contact with pedestrians or motorcyclists. The severity of these incidents can range from scratched knees or paint to serious injuries, even fatalities. These crashes can lead to costly claims and mental anguish on the part of employees, who often did nothing wrong.

Today, many bicyclists and pedestrians are wearing headphones, which significantly limits awareness of their surroundings. Many bicyclists may ride erratically at times or do not wear high visibility clothing in congested areas. Additionally, children may lack experience riding in traffic and do not take proper safety precautions.

To limit the likelihood of an accident, we recommend the following precautions:

  • Adjust your mirrors before each trip.
  • Don't stop in cross walks. Allow pedestrian traffic to clear before entering an intersection.
  • Watch for motorcyclists and remember that not everyone is a responsible rider.
  • Keep track of bicyclists whenever possible.
  • Watch for children playing near the street.
  • Check your right side mirror a second time before making a right hand turn.
  • Avoid wide swing turns.
  • Keep your windows clean to reduce glare.
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