CVSA 2015 Roadcheck

The CVSA 2015 Roadcheck is scheduled for June 2nd through the 4th. During the Roadcheck roadside enforcement for commercial motor vehicles will be greatly increased as it has been estimated that three times as many roadside inspections will be completed during this period compared to other 72 hour intervals. To help prepare for the stepped up enforcement, please find some helpful tips below:


  1. Educate your drivers about the Roadcheck. They should know when it is going to occur and that there is a high chance of having a roadside inspection. They should not be irritated or surprised if they are met by a commercial vehicle enforcement officer
  2. Discuss the road check blitz with the maintenance department or outside vendors to ensure that they are paying special attention to components that are regularly inspected.
  3. Conduct a safety meeting or tool box talk about how to conduct an effective vehicle inspection and how to work with commercial vehicle inspection officers. The stacking of violations can often be avoided if there is a pleasant relationship between the officer and driver. The officers also appreciate a knowledgeable driver that is engaged and concerned about the safety of the vehicle.
  4. Have the maintenance department conduct "mini" annual inspections or assist drivers with their vehicle inspections to detect critical deficiencies.
  5. Talk to drivers about walking around their vehicles to check for defective lights, fluid leaks, and tire and wheel issues whenever they park their vehicles.


  1. Conduct random checks to ensure that drivers have their up-to-date medical cards and licenses with them.
  2. Educate drivers on the importance of keeping their logs neat and completed correctly in order to avoid form and manner issues.
  3. Talk to drivers about keeping their logs updated to their last change of duty status as it is one of the most common HOS violations.
  4. Spend time with drivers that have had trouble with completing logs correctly. These drivers have either had roadside violations in the recent past or have been identified through the log audit function as having problems. Remedial training can help to prevent any out-of-service violations.