OSHA Record Keeping Update Simplified



January 1, 2015 brought about some significant changes to OSHA reporting requirements for a number of types of injuries. There has been some confusion on what needs to be reported and to whom. Additionally, many lower level supervisors have not been made aware of the changes that create lag times in reporting and on rare occasions, reportable injuries not being documented.  

As part of OSHA’s public outreach they have released a state-by-state listing of the largest proposed fines levied at employers. This is part of OSHA’s public outreach where they are highlighting risky employers via social media. Not every state is currently listing their top ‘bad-actors’ and fines incurred however there is useful information that can be found at the US Department of Labor blog.  

Reporting changes for work-related injuries include:

  • All work-related fatalities are to be reported within 8 hours of discovery
  • Inpatient hospitalizations requiring admission must be reported within 24 hours
  • Amputations must be report within 24 hours
  • Reporting must be done using the following methods:
    • Telephone or in person to the nearest OSHA area office
    • Telephone to the OSHA toll free number
    • Electronic submission at www.osha.gov

HUB’s transportation risk services team has developed an OSHA recording keeping update clearly outlining these new requirements, addresses reporting FAQs and provides some key strategy approaches. Ensure that your operation understands and complies with these new regulations. Understanding and following these new guidelines is critical to avoiding citations and fines.

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