National Work Zone Awareness – Expect the Unexpected



This year the National Work Zone Awareness campaign is “Expect the Unexpected” the original theme used 15 years ago to bring safety awareness to drivers going through construction work zones. National Work Zone Awareness events held across the country honor people killed in roadway work zone crashes and remind drivers at the beginning of the road construction season about the dangers associated with roadway work zones. Road construction workers face huge risks when working in close proximity to vehicular traffic. 

Additionally, state and municipal employees repairing roadways are often operating right next to traffic flowing at posted speed limits. There were a number of horrific crashes in 2014 where workers were killed while trying to do their jobs. Highway work zones are also areas where tragic crashes involving slowed or stopped vehicles and inattentive drivers unfortunately lead to shrines on the side of the roadway.

This is also a good time to remind drivers of the following:

  • Be aware of work zones on your normal driving routes. Preparation can allow for alternate route planning or for increased sensitivity to road hazards.
  • Do not use cell phones in highway work zones. A number of states have laws prohibiting the use of cell phones in highway work zones. 
  • Slowdown in work zones. Turn off the cruise control. Obey posted speed limits and do not drive faster that conditions safely allow. 
  • Move over whenever possible in work zones.
  • Watch for construction vehicles entering and leaving cordoned off areas. They often take a good deal of time to slow down or speed up. 
  • Watch for slow or stopped traffic in or near construction zones.
HUB Transportation Insurance Services is proud to promote driver and worker safety during the 2015 National Work Zone Safety Awareness campaign. Watch our webinar on Unsafe Driver Behavior – Identification and Correction to help mitigate crashes and improve driver performance. Contact a HUB Transportation advisor today.