Memorial Day Cargo Theft Concerns



Cargo theft increases over holiday weekends because more over-the-road drivers go home with loads and many facilities are closed or have skeleton staffs during the holiday. To prepare for a holiday weekend, we suggest that all logistics providers discuss and review their security procedures and protocols.

Suggested reviews include:

For Facilities

  • Check security alarm and surveillance systems to ensure proper working order. 
  • Ensure batteries are fresh in exit doors and back up cellular phone (used to maintain alarm reporting, if phone lines are compromised). 
  • Perform perimeter checks, look at fencing or other types of barriers to ensure they are properly secured. 
  • Check perimeter lighting to ensure lights are on and replace any non-working fixtures. Review timer so that lights come on while facility is closed. 
  • Ensure company alarm call list is current and contains valid phone numbers. Require responsible persons to respond to all alarm calls, even when the system is suspected of malfunctioning. 
  • Contact law enforcement and ask for additional patrols in the area. 
  • Remove keys from all warehouse equipment (forklifts) and place in a secure location. 
  • Use a non-integrated cellular verified alarm back up system to prevent burglars in the event they defeat the main system. 
  • Place kingpin locks on any dropped loaded trailers that are not contained within a fence.

For Freight In-Transit:

  • Instruct drivers not to discuss the contents of their loads and plans for storage with anyone other than company representatives.
  • When parking rigs or dropping trailers near driver homes, advise drivers to secure parking lots or authorized locations to park equipment. 
  • If forced to leave vehicles at a public facility (truck stop, etc.) pick ones that are well lit and utilize surveillance equipment. Park within view of the camera or high traffic area. 
  • Have drivers secure the tractor and trailer with a steering wheel locking device, kingpin locks, glad-hand locks (or other security equipment). Put industrial strength padlocks on trailer doors. 
  • Do NOT let drivers leave keys inside the tractor. 
  • Have drivers check on the unattended vehicles as frequently as possible. 
  • Make sure that dispatch knows where and when the load was parked and estimated time of return. 
  • Set up alerts for trailer movements over the weekend if trailer tracking technology is in use.
  • HUB Transportation helps fleet owners with safety training and solutions to protect facilities and drivers. 

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