Fraudulent DOT/FMCSA Consulting Solicitations



Recent confusion surrounding changes to motor carrier registrations (UCR) has triggered a number of solicitations with misleading information regarding general motor carrier compliance and biennial registration requirements to carriers. These threatening solicitations are not in collaboration with FMCSA and some appear to be outright fraud.

Specifically, it appears that a China based website is using a "look-a-like" email with significant typos to emulate the solicitations; it is undetermined if this is a collaboration with a “mass marketing service provider” or another "service provider".

Additionally, there are reports of nationwide robocalls to carriers that may be coming from outside the United States and referring carriers to the Chinese service provider website. Authorities are in the process of confirming the telephone calls’ origin and if they are voice over IP robocalls.

How you know it’s potentially a fraudulent communication:

FMCSA personnel…

o Do not ask for credit card or banking information data by telephone

o Do not utilize auto or robocalling

If you think you are a victim of fraudulent solicitations, FMCSA representatives suggest you take the following actions:

o Victims who have provided their credit card numbers to immediately challenge the charges as fraudulent and have the credit card provider cancel the card and reissue; once the number is obtained by a fraudster it will be used again.

o Victims who have given banking information such as account or routing numbers should notify their bank or financial institution immediately.

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