CVSA 2015 Roadcheck



The International Roadcheck, a three-day roadside inspection blitz campaign, will be held June 2-4 2015 throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Local, state, and federal commercial vehicle enforcement officers will conduct Level I (full driver and vehicle) inspections with a special focus on cargo securement compliance. In 2014, 73,475 roadside inspections were completed during this 72-hour period of increased enforcement.

It is important to educate your drivers about this event and have them prepared for roadside inspections. Most scales and inspection stations will be open on these days in early June and drivers need to know what enforcement officers will be looking for as well as how to manage the process.

  • Educate your drivers on how to work with roadside inspection officers:
    • Be courteous at all times
    • Participate in the process and be helpful
    • Listen to the directions of the enforcement officers and respond appropriately
  • Create inspection lanes at your facilities to ensure that obvious violations (lights, reflective tape, tires) are repaired prior to leaving your yards/shops.
  • Keep vehicles clean
  • Logs need to be neat and up to date. The most common violations have been Form and Manner and Log Not Up Last Change of Duty Status.
  • Remind drivers about load securement procedures. Make sure that loads are secured per the regulations and items such as spare tires, load bars, and extra supplies are secured.

Talk to your HUB Transportation expert about best practices for road safety and training.