Workers' Comp

The HUB International Insurance Services Workers' Compensation Division specializes in the evaluation, design, and maintenance of workers compensation programs for all types of industries.

Program Evaluation

This evaluation will include the following:

  • Analysis of Payroll Classifications
  • Analysis of Experience Modifiers
  • Re-calculation of the Most Recent Premium Audit
  • Review of Insurance Carrier Performance
  • Analysis of Premium Rating Plans

Program Design

The best program is derived from genuine collaboration. Based on our research, analysis, and with input from your key management, we will design a program to reflect your company’s risk-taking philosophy, your cash-flow position, and your company’s ability to predict and control claims.

Program Maintenance

This is the day-to-day management of the program. It can include:

  • Claim Coordination
  • Claim Analysis
  • Medical Clinic Relationships
  • Access to our Independent Nurse
  • Access to our Claims Consultant
  • Return-to-Work Procedures
  • Focused Safety Training
  • OSHA Training
  • Accident Investigation Training