Property Tax

Southland was born in 1987 with the single notion that continues to drive everything it does; achieve the lowest reasonable property tax assessment allowed by law for each of it's client's properties, while reducing the burdens associated with property tax administration.

To deliver on this compelling idea, Southland needed superb technology, data and people.  They realized that information... quality and timely information, was power.  Southland's technological solutions have transformed mere data into easy to use and powerful to present information that proved to be an effective tool.  Southland's immense and ever growing commercial property sale database resides at the core on an impressive and effective array of digital services.

Southland's professionals are empowered with cutting-edge applications that facilitate the collection and presentation of comprehensive commercial real estate data.  The utilization of this data with the most current appraisal techniques enables Southland's clients to have confidence that their properties are appraised fairly and accurately.

The best people. The best data. The best technology.  The ability to unite all three has made Southland Property Tax Consultants, Inc. the premier provider of property tax solutions to the real estate marketplace.

Southland  Property Tax Consultants