Owner Controlled Insurance

  • Typical Construction Project - Each Contractor/Sub-Contractor Purchases Its Own Insurance and Incorporates the Cost of Insurance and the Associated Markup into the Bid Price.
  • Controlled Insurance Program - The Owner or the General Contractor Purchases Insurance Coverage for Approved Contractors. In Return Each Approved Contractor Removes the Cost of Insurance From Its Bid.


  • Provides Insurance Limits Equal or Greater Than Most Standard Insurance Programs.
  • Virtual Elimination of the Administrative Burden of Coverage Control and Certificate Monitoring for the Contractor and Owner.
  • Enhanced Safety and Loss Control Program.
  • Claims and Litigation are Consolidated with One Primary Insurer and a Single Excess Liability Program as Opposed to Multiple Parties.
  • Reduces the Delays and Costs Associated with Litigation Following a Major Loss on Large Projects with Multiple Insurers and Attorneys.
  • Centralized Claims Management Can Help Reduce the Adverse Publicity Which Follows a Catastrophic Loss.
  • Completed Operations Coverage is Provided on a 3 Year or 5 Year Basis.
  • Completed Operations Provides Protection Against Third Party Claims Arising From Defective Work Which May Occur Years After Project Completion.

The main advantage the implementation of a Controlled Insurance Program will provide the Owner or the General Contractor is to reduce overall insurance costs by as much as 50 percent. The implementing of a Controlled Insurance Program will also provide more substantial insurance limits, a safer work environment for workers and the public, and more efficient claims handling for legitimate claims.

The success of a Controlled Insurance Program is only as reliable as the team who will be orchestrating the Program’s activities from inception to completion. The team lead by HUB International Insurance Services brings a team of individuals with the most direct Controlled Insurance Program experience and resources that can be found in Texas.