Network Security

As companies become more dependent on their internal computer networks and the Internet to conduct business, their vulnerability to cyber perils – such as computer viruses, hacker attacks and theft of proprietary information – increases dramatically. Even short interruptions in service can have a significant economic impact on an organization, causing the loss of customer confidence.

Many risk managers and CFOs acknowledge that electronically stored data is their most valuable corporate asset. But are they sure this asset is covered?

Many organizations are not properly covered because of the misconception that their traditional insurance policies already cover technology-related losses. When most standard property-casualty policies were developed, “intangible” threats like hacking, computer fraud, corrupted data and intellectual property theft did not exist, much less pose the kind of threat they do today.

What Your Traditional Insurance Does Not Cover:

  • Network Security Liability
  • Data and Information Losses
  • Business Interruption or Network Failure Expenses
  • Internet Professional Liability
  • Web Content Liabilities
  • Information Theft
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Cyber Terrorism

To address current threats and anticipate future events, HUB International Insurance Services has partnered with AIG eBusiness Risk Solutions (AIG eBRS). We are leaders in developing robust cyber insurance risk management program. Working with AIG eBRS, we can help you understand, evaluate and protect your company’s infrastructure vulnerabilities through their innovative suite of network security and related coverages. We will work together with your underwriter to ensure our clients receive the best coverage for the best price.