Financial Services

Founded in 1986, Roland|Criss is the nation’s leading provider of fiduciary advisory services for the benefit of retirement plan sponsors, plan participants, and third party advisors.

Roland|Criss solves the fiduciary dilemma with an easy-to-use process that clarifies risks, fixes deficiencies, and monitors investment committee activity ongoing.

Retirement plan trustees, administrators, and advisors find Roland|Criss to be a rare source of the expertise needed for:

  • Reducing fiduciary liability by uncovering omissions in conduct
  • Installing written procedures that meet ERISA standards
  • Acquiring tools to facilitate ongoing oversight
  • Optimizing long-term investment performance
  • Enabling fiduciaries to compare practices and procedures
  • Prioritizing investment committee tasks
  • Managing sensitive fiduciary files with a document storage and retrieval system
  • Providing value-added benefits such as reducing executive liability insurance (E&O, D&O, Fiduciary Liability) premiums.