Providing claims management services is an important part of the risk management services HUB International Insurance Services provides our clients. Claims management services may be provided by HUB International Insurance Services or coordinated with the carrier partner through our claims management division. Below is an outline of services provided.

Large/Difficult Claims Management Monitoring

This service is offered for any account where a large or difficult claim exists. The services include notification of changes in reserves, medical bill review, surveillance, subrogation, intervention in lawsuits, quarterly claim reviews, etc.

Claims Reports and Meetings

Claims reports are provided upon request. Claims meetings are scheduled and facilitated when requested by the client or account executive. Workers' compensation claims review may be scheduled prior to unit stat card filing and upon request from the client or account executive.

Review of Workers' Compensation Experience Modifier

This service is provided at the request of the client or account executive. This audit service determines if re-filings are possible and the advantages that may exist by the client re-filing their unit stat card.