Audit Consultant

Rick Rasmusson

Audit Consultant
HUB International Insurance Services 

Rick Rasmusson brings over twenty-eight years of insurance auditing and risk management analysis experience to HUB International Insurance Services. Rick Rasmusson’s specialty is to identify and recover workers compensation overcharges through audits. Workers compensation overcharges are the result of a complex system designed by actuaries, implemented by clerical personnel, and overseen by state regulators. Overcharges arise from mistakes in classifications, payrolls, experience modifications, or the application of NCCI rules and procedures.

Mr. Rasmusson’s areas of expertise include:

  • Insurance auditing and risk management analysis
  • Rate and regulatory compliance, ownership and classification problems
  • Experience rating, retrospective rating, premium rating audits

Mr. Rasmusson is adept at developing and implementing successful solutions and programs that result in cost savings and improved control for our clients.

Mr. Rasmusson received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics and Accounting for the University of Texas at Arlington.

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