HUB International has selected Liazon Corporation to provide the Bright Choices® Exchange on a national basis with group benefit solutions tailored to local marketplace needs. This comprehensive solution pairs our consultative expertise with Liazon's proven technology to help both employers and employees get more value from their benefits.   The Bright Choices Exchange helps employees find the right plans with sophisticated decision support technology that's easy to use. Using a defined contribution strategy, employers determine a set amount of money to allocate to each employee for benefits. Employees use that money to "shop" in the exchange, where they choose from a variety of medical, ancillary and voluntary benefit plans.

A recent J.D. Power and Associates survey indicates that 47% of employers are likely to adopt a defined contribution approach and utilize private exchanges.

Is a defined contribution strategy right for your organization? Talk to a HUB consultant.  We will provide you a personalized funding analysis, an overview of Bright Choices, and a quote of the plans in your area.  Learn how HUB can help you save money, increase employee participation and satisfaction, and simplify administrative processes.