Our specialized team has extensive experience working with clients who operate within the multi-faceted special events industry. Our experience allows us to quickly design comprehensive insurance programs that won't break your budget, so you can get on with the work you do best. Running your show!

Over the past 20 years, we have arranged risk protection for thousands of events of every conceivable nature -- concerts, trade shows, charitable events, fundraisers, festivals, award shows, AGMs, sample sales...the list goes on and on!

In addition to providing insurance solutions to event planners and organizers, we also provide risk and insurance services to many of Canada's largest event facilities and event suppliers. These relationships provide us with a solid understanding of these suppliers' contracts allowing us to effectively manage your risks from the initial planning stage to final execution. 

So Many Things Could Go Wrong

Special events present countless opportunities for disaster, large and small. You need to anticipate and deal with possibilities like:

  • Your event being cancelled for reasons beyond your control.
  • A major storm causing damage to your venue prior to show time.
  • Your talent doesn't show up or calls in sick and can't perform.
  •  Problems with sound and lighting that affect your production.
  • Your rental equipment is damaged, lost or stolen.
  • A spectator/participant/attendee is injured at the event.
  •  The event is delayed.
  •  The weather doesn't cooperate.

Our team will design an insurance program appropriate for you and the possible scenarios you might face.

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ARTICLE: Special Event Security Planning

Throughout the year, there are festivals, concerts, fairs, sporting events, and many other events that have the potential to gather large crowds. Normally these events go on with few or no problems. Special events, however, contain the risk of injury, and death because of natural or man-made hazards. Large gatherings are also potential targets for terrorists. 

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