When it comes insuring real estate property, HUB International provides property owners with a broad cross-section of products and services from Canada's leading commercial insurance companies. We know that insurance companies can be fickle when it comes to availability and pricing of realty risks. That is why it is so important to have a broker that can provide you with choice when you need it the most.

Coverage Details

Special Insurance for Residential Property Owners

Are you a residential property owner with concerns about your tenants lease compliancy in maintaining Tenants Insurance? Up to now, this has been difficult to maintain and enforce. More importantly, do you worry about the impact on your operations and goodwill should a mass evacuation of the building be required for any length of time?

If so, you should know that HUB International, working in conjunction with its insurance partners, has developed a Master Policy for Property Owners with a certificate of insurance for the individual tenants. Limits include up to $20,000 on personal contents and $5,000 additional living expenses. This is a basic policy that also includes a $1,000,000 Personal Liability Limit and a $100,000 tenant legal liability limit.

Low Cost and Easy Administration

Only $17.00 per tenant per month plus applicable taxes. This coverage can be paid by the tenant or by the landlord as an incentive to the tenant. All payments are submitted to the landlord who in turn submits full payment to HUB International on the fourth of every month.

The property manager provides a monthly bordereaux to HUB International with names and apartment numbers for each building, along with premium payment for those insured under the program for that particular month.

Simple Implementation

We will assist you with every detail, from the set-up and training on site, as well as information sessions, to claims handling and administration.

Additional Coverage

For those tenants that want more from their insurance program, we are ready to assist. Our full service Personal Lines Insurance team are ready to answer questions or to set up a personal lines policy tailored to the individual needs of the tenant (automobile, personal articles, seasonal dwellings, etc.) 


Elaine Maloney

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