Real Estate & Property Management

Clients of HUB International Ontario benefit from a dedicated team of insurance experts with the singular purpose of understanding the nuances of Real Estate insurance exposures, claims and markets.

We specialize in handling the needs of:

  • Property managers and owners
  • Property developers
  • REITs
  • Residential, retail, industrial and office occupancies
  • Design / Build firms

Knowledge, Relationships, Clout

Our focus on Real Estate means:

  • Our team has, at their finger-tips, the knowledge needed to effectively place risk in this industry class;
  • We have developed strong relationships with all insurers in this space.

As the largest insurance broker in Canada and among the top 10 globally, HUB International offers our clients considerable strength in dealing with insurance markets.

Risk Control

We understand how important it is for owners, managers and developers of commercial, retail, industrial or residential property portfolios to manage catastrophic or severe loss exposures through wise use of Risk Control techniques. Our clients confidently rely on our expertise.

As well as employing HUB International Ontario's Risk Control services to manage exposures and costs, many clients include us on their Risk Management Committee to facilitate implementation of claims management protocols and best risk management practices in operations.

Common Coverages

  • Property
  • Liability / Excess Liability
  • Fidelity
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Commercial Auto & Fleets
  • Blanket Environmental Impairment
  • Terrorism Coverage
  • Errors & Omissions Liability
  • Directors’ & Officers’ Liability
  • Personal Home & Auto
  • Employee Benefits
  • Workers Compensation Audits




Real Estate & Property Management

Lou Fisch

Partner, Vice President, HUB International HKMB, Toronto
Phone: 416-597-4009

Lou has been with HUB International HKMB since 2003 and has 20 years experience in insurance. He has assisted hundreds of clients, from diverse number industry classes, with a wide range of insurance and risk management challenges, to better manage their operational exposures. 


Investment Property Program

Phil Jarvie

Sr. Account Executive, HUB International Ontario, Oakville
Phone: 905-582-7086

Phil is proud to be involved with the Investment Property Program. As a real estate investor himself, Phil understands the insurance requirements of investors in the real estate industry.


Residential Property Development/Home Builders

Gordon Spafford

Vice Chairman, HUB international HKMB, Toronto
Phone: 416-597-4632

Gordon has been with HUB HKMB since 1987 and has over 30 years experience in the insurance industry during which time he has worked as an Underwriter, Risk Engineer and Account Manager. His particular expertise lies with home builders and he is very knowledgeable about construction.