HUB International serves a diverse range of clients in the Life Sciences/Bio-Tech sector with research and operations in Canada and worldwide. Our industry expertise allows us to adapt your insurance and risk management program to your business plan and management objectives, in turn, mitigating your overall exposure and cost of risk. 


HUB provides brokerage services for private and public companies and non-profit organizations involved in:

  • Bio-tech Research and Development,
  • Medical Technologies and Systems, and
  • Manufacturing and Distributing:
    • Pharmaceuticals and Generic Drugs,
    • Surgical and Medical Instruments,
    • Biological Products,
    • Surgical Appliances and Supplies,
    • X-Ray and Electro-medical Apparatus,
    • Medicinal's and Drugs, and
    • Herbal Medicines.

Our client list includes:

  • Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s),
  • Hospitals,
  • Nursing Homes,
  • Rehabilitation Centres,
  • Pharmacies, as well as, healthcare professionals. 

Service Continuity: Cradle to Exit

HUB’s Life Sciences Practice understands your industry’s life cycle, including M&A and exits. We work with start-ups, early stage R&D companies, public multinationals, and everything in between. As you evolve and your insurance and risk management needs become more complex, we’ll be right there with you expanding our service offering to meet your needs.

Common Coverages

Insurance Solutions

Protect your people, property and profits worldwide

  • Business Interruption/R&D Recreation
  • Clinical Trials Liability
  • Cyber Liability
  • Directors' and Officers' Liability, Professional Liability, Medical Malpractice
  • Corporate Entity Coverage
  • Products Liability
  • Patent Infringement, Intellectual Property Protection
  • Property Replacement
  • Equipment Under Warranty
  • Pollution/Bio-Contamination/Environmental Liability
  • Spoilage Protection
  • Employee Benefits, Key Employee Replacement Expenses
  • Personal Insurance

For more detail on these insurance solutions, click here.

Risk Management Solutions

Proactively manage loss control and corporate exposures, and cultivate safety

  • Contract Review
  • Insurance Program Due Diligence and Design
  • Benchmarking Cost / Limits
  • Review of Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Foreign Insurance Compliance
  • Navigating Regulatory Ethics Boards
  • Transactional Liabilities
  • Cyber Risk Assessments
  • Storage of R&D and temperature sensitive materials
  • Safety and Loss Control Compliance Disaster Recovery
  • Enterprise and Sustainability Risk Management
  • Carbon Management
  • Employee Health and Safety 

Coverage Details


Companies in a start-up or early development phase can find it more difficult to source Directors’ and Officers’ (D&O) Liability Insurance. Your broker's ability to advocate the long term viability of your business to underwriters contributes to the availability and quality of D&O coverage you may obtain. In addition, a knowledgeable broker will understand the relationship between D&O insurance and Clinical Trials, IPO's, U.S. listings, Mergers and Acquisitions, intellectual property and various financing arrangements, and be able to maximize coverage while minimizing cost. That broker will appreciate that a broad coverage platform is necessary to address a range of exposures, including securities claims, statutory liabilities and employment practice issues.


Many D&O policies do not provide coverage for the corporate entity. However, extending coverage to the corporate entity is important for securities claims and employment practices liability as the corporation is almost always named as a principal target defendant. HUB can demonstrate instances in which we have found innovative ways to add entity coverage to the policy, while maintaining robust coverage for the protection of the directors and officers.


Potential legal liabilities associated with products are always difficult to assess and forecast. Contractual relationships among manufacturers, distributors and customers can substantially influence legal liability for bodily injury or property damage involving products. We are experienced in clarifying contractual responsibilities of domestic and foreign manufacturers or distributors and minimizing the cost of financing/insuring these risks.

Issues we analyze with regard to product liability include:

  • Adequacy of policy limits (per claim and policy aggregate)
  • Treatment and control of defence costs
  • Impact of deductibles
  • Contractual risk transfer, including Hold Harmless/Indemnification agreements
  • Impact of foreign manufacturers on legal liability
  • Contingent liability issues
  • Vendors’ extensions
  • Implications of "claims made" policy form
  • Discontinued product lines and legacy liability issues
  • Regulatory clearances
  • Quality control factors
  • Punitive damages
  • International courts jurisdictions


Standard insurance policies do not normally cover the potentially substantial losses related to the restoration of a research and development project that has been impaired or destroyed in some way. Some of the variables that need to be considered in analyzing this exposure are such things as the projected cost of restoration, coverage limits, locations, back-ups, time periods established in contracts, and the reliance on key suppliers or customers. HUB assesses and manages coverage to mitigate the impact of business interruption on business income including contract revenues, licensing fees, consulting fees, funding grants or progress payments that would have been earned by or awarded to your R & D operation.


Insurance solutions are available to address the legal costs associated with defending patent claims made against your organization, or to fund the legal pursuit of others allegedly infringing on your patent rights.


We are very experienced at assessing potential malpractice and professional liability exposures and structuring coverage to mitigate this risk. We are well aware of the often complicated relationships and insurance issues that exist between coverage purchased on an individual basis through regulatory or licensing bodies, and the exposures and coverage for an institution/organization where the professional is employed or works. We regularly work with and place coverage with the major professional liability insurance facilities worldwide.


Damage to your building, contents, equipment or supplies is normally covered under property insurance policies. However, key issues unique to the sector include:

  • Contractual requirements for equipment supplied under special loans/financing; 
  • Electronic information/intangible property;
  • Replacement cost of technologies;  Contamination perils such as, change in temperature/humidity and spoilage (both on and off premises or shipments in transit).


New and evolving methods for arranging and financing warranty agreements require a working knowledge of the industry and risk financing. HUB has a proactive expertise in this area which puts us ahead of the competition.


When a key employee is killed or permanently disabled, a firm may face significant business interruption costs as well as hiring, training and relocation expenses. We specialize in sourcing a form of business interruption coverage designed to pay such expenses.


Life Sciences and Bio-Tech companies can be subject to unique environmental exposures, such as biocontaminants, or refrigerant and radioactive contamination, that present significant loss potentials. In some cases, coverage is available for sudden and accidental discharge, dispersal, seepage, migration, release or escape of such contaminants at your premises.

Clinical Trials

Global Advisors and Advocates

HUB's reach extends worldwide and the Life Sciences Practice has the experience to be able to best leverage our reach for each client.

When you're implementing a clinical trial, we can add value at every stage. Based on our experience, we can:

  • provide guidance on insurance and local compliance regarding your country selection;
  • contribute to your understanding of local regulations and the ethics boards associated with regulatory bodies;
  • place your insurance in your selected country either directly or with a local broker;
  • provide risk management advice based on the specifics of your trial and location; and advocate on your behalf should you have a claim wherever that claim might occur.


Clinical Trials coverage protects management and the organization from potential liabilities associated with sponsoring or conducting clinical trials. The coverage is excluded from the basic commercial liability insurance policy and there are only a limited number of insurers worldwide willing to underwrite the risk. Placing the risk requires a knowledgeable broker with access to negotiate and place coverage internationally.

The premium for Clinical Trials coverage is dependent upon factors including:

  • Requirements of ethics boards
  • Trial site/jurisdiction
  • Clinical phase
  • Consent form language
  • Number of participants
  • Trial duration
  • Type and nature of the product or technology
  • Limit of insurance


 Sean Duggan

Partner, Vice President, HUB International HKMB, Toronto
Email: sean.duggan@hubinternational.com   
Phone: 416-597-4603 

Sean is Practice Leader of HUB International Ontario's High-Tech, Clean-Tech and Life Sciences/Healthcare Practices. He also manages select Venture Capital and Private Equity clients. Sean joined HUB HKMB in 1998 and has been involved with knowledge based businesses throughout his tenure there.

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