You want your franchisees to be properly insured. HUB International Ontario’s centralized insurance program for franchises takes advantage of the power of group buying to provide franchisees with the best possible coverage at the lowest possible cost of risk. And, in dealing with us, your franchisees will be assured of receiving the same degree of attention and care as our largest clients.

Advantages of a Centralized Insurance Program for Franchisees


Franchisees will not have to shop for coverage.

Protecting Your Brand, Managing Your Relationship

A centralized program ensures that franchisees have appropriate liability limits and have correctly disclosed their franchise relationship. This means that any claims franchisees might incur are less likely to impinge on the franchisor's own insurance.

Managing Information

Issuance of renewal documentation is expedited and insurance certificates are created in advance, tailor-made to each franchisee's specifications.

Collecting Premiums

Premium collection can be customized to support your particular business needs, billing franchisees directly or bulk billing the franchisor.


  • Easy for franchisees to report and handle claims when they occur.
  • Avoid problems before they occur. We coach franchisees on how to deal with claims, addressing issues such as when to report a claim and how to deal with claimants so that a negative experience is turned into a positive one for both parties. Our coaching can also reduce the frequency of claims reported to insurers while keeping settlement costs reasonable.
  • Total cost of claims reported is reduced when the franchisor and franchisee are both covered by the same insurer, since only one claims case, with all its related costs, is opened instead of two.

Franchisor Exposure Covered

Franchisors provide professional advice on a variety of matters to their franchisees. A centralized program provides franchisors with the liability protection they need.

Common Coverages

As specialists in insurance for the Franchise sector, HUB International Ontario is knowledgeable about all coverages pertinent to the industry:

  • Property
  • Liability / Excess Liability
  • Fidelity
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Commercial Auto & Fleets
  • Errors & Omissions Liability
  • Directors’ & Officers’ Liability
  • Personal Home & Auto
  • Employee Benefits
  • Workers Compensation Audits


Steve Rocchi

Partner, Vice President, HUB International HKMB, Toronto
Phone: 416-597-4624

Steve is the unit leader of a team specializing in serving Not for Profits, Affinity Groups, Retail Operations, Mining and Franchise Programs.

Lou Fisch

Partner, Vice President, HUB International HKMB, Toronto
Phone: 416-597-4009

Lou has been with HUB International HKMB since 2003 and had 20 years experience in insurance. He has assisted hundreds of clients, from a diverse number of industry classes, with a wide range of insurance and risk management challenges, better manage their operational exposures.