HUB International's experience working with clients at each stage of the food supply chain has given us a comprehensive understanding of the unique risks and challenges faced by this industry. We know how critical it is to protect against spoilage and potential product recall every step of the way.

We have the expertise to develop the best insurance program in order to provide your company the protection it needs. Our clients also benefit from our advice on how to avoid potential problems, including analysis of contractual relationships to ensure clarity of responsibilities.

Specialized Expertise

We continually invest in developing our expertise in the food service industry. We stay informed on food safety issues, including HACCP Principles and Regulations, and monitor key commodity and industry trends. Combined with our knowledge of the insurance marketplace, we are well equipped to anticipate client needs and help manage impending risks. 


HUB's clients include producers of frozen and fresh food entrées, appetizers, sauces, dips, pasta and salads; commercial and wholesale bakeries; coffee and tea manufacturers; dairy and cheese manufacturers; fish, meat and poultry processors; fruit and vegetable importers and distributors; supermarkets; wine and beer manufacturers, distributors and retailers; and, restaurants.

Coverage Scope


Food and beverage companies of every variety face a number of critical exposures including:

  • Temperature controlled rooms/areas
  • Walk-in refrigerators and/or freezers
  • Special sensors and alarms
  • Transportation exposures related to refrigerated trucks and long haul trucking
  • Specialized production machinery
  • Product contamination by bacteria, yeasts, molds, parasites and viruses
  • Quality control
  • Materials handling
  • Glass breakage
  • Combustible packaging
  • Fire hazards from numerous ignition sources

Standard insurance policies do not cover these exposures. HUB International has the expertise to ensure our clients have the coverage's they need from Product Recall, Consequential Loss - Spoilage, Reefer Breakdown, Environmental Impairment Liability, Boiler and Machinery Breakdown to Workers Compensation, Employment Practices Liability and Directors’ & Officers’ Liability.


Contract Analysis

HUB provides expert analysis of the contractual relationships among suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and customers in order to clarify contractual obligations and minimize the cost of financing risks inherent in these contracts. By identifying issues, we assist our food service clients to improve their contracts with others in the supply chain.

Risk services 

HUB provides, on an as required basis, a full range of risk and loss control consulting including:

  • Inspection and risk assessment
  • Building and contents valuation
  • Loss prevention program development
  • Risk improvement solutions
  • Training programs for employees
  • Renewal support and insurer risk control liaison
  • Review of contracts and contractual obligations

Fleet Safety Programs

Detailed fleet safety programs help to assure compliance with safety regulations, and reduce accidents, repair costs, and insurance premiums. HUB's customized fleet safety manuals include information on:

  • developing a fleet safety policy
  • driver selection and training
  • alcohol and drug testing programs
  • accident reporting and investigation
  • vehicle safety
  • hazardous materials

Environmental Hazard Assessment

HUB facilitates preliminary discussions with clients based on a check list to assess the extent, if any, of environmental exposures related to waste and/or recalled product disposal, water supply, water filtration, etc. Exposures may be on the client's site or on third party sites. The prelimary assessment determines if more detailed examination of exposures is required.

Product Recall Policies and Procedures

HUB can provide samples for reference of Product Recall Policy and Procedures Manuals. We also work with third-party experts in this field who can assist clients to develop or enhance their own policies and procedures.

Business Continuity Planning

Having a plan to get back up and running after a disaster is critical for clients who simply cannot afford downtime, especially where customized production equipment is difficult to repair or replace. HUB Risk Services can assist clients in creating their recovery plans.


Paula Brickman

Partner, Vice President, HUB International HKMB, Toronto
Email: paula.brickman@hubinternational.com  
Phone: 416-597-4645

Paula is Pactice Leader of HUB Ontario's Food Services Practice. Paula joined HUB HKMB in 2000, and has over 20 years of experience accross the insurance industry.