Wealth Management and Employee Benefits (WMEB)


We take a comprehensive approach to delivering leading edge, strategic guidance in the areas of employee benefit plans, key person insurance, executive travel insurance, retirement plans and specialty health plans. By viewing program elements in combination with one another, WMEB can create policies whereby each component contributes to overall objectives.

It is our aim to develop long term partnerships with clients so that they can anticipate necessary program modifications as businesses grow and evolve, corporate objectives are adjusted to meet market conditions and executive ranks change.


Our WMEB Team is comprised of some of the industry’s most experienced professionals. Our expertise equips us to deliver the best products available given client objectives. Broad experience allows us to be innovative with program design, implementation and ongoing stewardship.


  • Strong carrier relationships and access to the market means that we can often deliver when others cannot.
  • Ability to meet clients’ needs on an international scale.

Specialty Services/Success Stories

Benefit Consulting

We work with companies of 2 to 20,000 employees to develop 3 to 5 year strategies that address rising benefit costs while supporting the goal of a healthy, capable and productive workforce.

Executive Programs

HUB International Ontario WMEB has the expertise to help clients strengthen the relationship of their organization with their valuable senior staff. Some of the innovative products we handle include:

  • Access to U.S. Medical Treatment
  • Use of Private Health Spending Plans
  • Disability Top-up
  • Personal Security

New and improved products are continually introduced into this market space. HKMB HUB International WMEB keeps our clients apprised of these changes based on the business needs of their executives.

Disability Management

We have extensive experience in Worker’s Compensation (in all regions of North America), workplace Health and Safety, and Short and Long Term Disability. We have helped many of our clients design and implement programs that save money and reduce frustration.

Retirement Planning

Our approach to the complexities of pension planning is to make sure that the CAPS (Capital Accumulation Plans) guidelines are adhered to and documentation clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders. From there, we work with employers to exceed regulatory requirements and employee expectations with regard to plan communication and education.

Individual Products

For decades, we have been fulfilling all our clients’ Life Insurance needs, from Key Person policies to complex buy/sell funding and estate planning instruments. We also specialize in Living Benefits such as Critical Illness and Long Term Care and Disability Income.


Tim Witchell

President Wealth Management and Employee Benefits, HUB International Ontario
Email: tim.witchell@hubinternational.com
Phone: 416-597-4020