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HUB International is pleased to offer an insurance program that provides professional liability insurance coverage for WPIC (Wedding Planners Institute of Canada) trained and certified wedding planning professionals.

The HUB program reflects years of working with the wedding planning industry and has been tailored to meet your unique needs as a wedding planning professional.

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The WPIC Professional Liability program is restricted as follows:

  1. You must be a member in good standing with the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada (WPIC).
  2. Your business must be registered and headquartered in Canada.

6 Reasons to Purchase Professional Liability

Program Coverages*

Commercial General Liability (CGL): covers third party bodily injury and property damage

  • Optional per claim limits of liability for CGL: $1,000,000 or $2,000,000 or $5,000,000
  • $1,000 deductible per claim for CGL

Integrated Errors & Omissions (E&O) Extension: covers claims arising from the performance of professional services

  • $0 deductible for E&O

Aggregate Liability Limit of $5,000,000 included and standard

Occurrence based coverage

Worldwide coverage territory with suits first brought in Canada

Non-Owned Automobile coverage included

Criminal Expense Reimbursement coverage to $100,000

Policy Includes:               

  • Personal Injury
  • Advertising Injury
  • Tenants Legal Liability - $500,000
  • Products/Completed Operations
  • Cross Liability/Severability of Insured's
  • Occurrence Property Damage
  • Blanket Contractual
  • Broad Form Property Damage
  • Medical Payments - $2,500 per person

Policy Excludes:              

  • Abuse, Harassment and Molestation
  • Total Asbestos Exclusion
  • Data Exclusion
  • Terrorism Exclusion

*This is intended as an outline of coverage only.The actual policy wording will apply in all cases.

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This program is underwritten by Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company. Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company is a Canadian-based Property and Casualty insurance company, incorporated under the Insurance Companies Act (Canada).

Made in Canada solutions, exceptional service, and expertise from experienced, disciplined underwriters — in combination, these attributes provide Trisura with an innovative edge in the Canadian marketplace.

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6 Reasons to Purchase Professional Liability (also know as, Errors & Omissions Liability) Coverage*

(*Modified with permission from Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company)

  1. The definition of professional services is changing… for the worse.

The courts have been steadily expanding the notion of professional responsibility to new professions, and broadening the duty and standard of care a professional is expected to deliver. As a professional, more is expected of the services that you provide.

  1. The judgment isn't your biggest worry.

Being sued for negligence is expensive. If you have to defend yourself (even if the claim against you is without merit), keep a cheque book handy, as legal fees, court costs, and professional witnesses don't come cheap.

Having a Professional Liability policy in place means that if and when the day comes to defend yourself from an allegation of professional negligence or incompetence that the: 

  • costs of paying top flight legal counsel to defend you and your business;
  • costs of paying for settlements against you; and
  • expertise to guide you through the process of being sued

will be covered by your insurance policy.* These costs can easily get to be tens of thousands of dollars

  1. The judgment should worry you too.

Having expert claims professionals and lawyers guiding you through the process can save you a lot of money and stress, but there is still the possibility of a large settlement or judgment against you. In fact, court awarded judgments have more than doubled in size since 2000.

A Professional Liability insurance policy covers judgments and settlements.*

  1. It's not just your services that you need to be worried about.

Professional liability suits can also land in your lap when your employees mess up, or when a contractor or supplier doesn't uphold their promise. In these cases, you will carry the burden of having to defend yourself against someone else's error or omission.

Professional Liability insurance will cover you when someone else messes up* and allow you to carry on with your business and not be consumed in the time consuming tasks involved with fighting a legal battle.

  1. A good contract between you and your client won't save you.

Although having a strong contract outlining the scope of services being provided (and limitation provisions) is a great risk management tool, the contracts may not hold up in the courts. What's more, the greater the alleged negligence, the less likely a limitation of liability clause will protect you.

Good contracts are not a substitute for Professional Liability coverage. Even the best of contracts are subject to challenge and dispute when an emotional wedding party feels that their perfect day did not go as they had wished. On a day noted for high emotion, it may not take much to tip the scales from elation to disappointment and anger.

  1. High value weddings can translate into high client expectations.

Many planners work diligently to secure those truly special high value weddings. However, along with those generous budgets often come equally high expectations for the wedding day. All of the cautions made in the first 5 points is multiplied in the event of a high value wedding. Without proper insurance coverage in place, are you prepared financially to defend yourself in court if something falls short of your high value clients' expectations?

*These are general statements of coverage only. The actual policy wording will apply in all cases.

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  1. Is Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance the same as Professional Liability Insurance?


  2. I hire day help to assist in setting up the wedding venue the day of the event. They are acting under my direct instruction and supervision, are they considered independent contractors?

    No. An independent contractor is another company that would be engaged to provide specialized services for the wedding by your company.  Typical examples would include your DJ, bakery, or florist.

  3. I plan events that are not weddings. They may include birthdays, engagement parties, or educational seminars.  Are these events picked up by this insurance policy?

    Yes. Any event that is typical of those planned by a WPIC trained wedding planner is covered by this insurance policy.

  4. Can I participate in the program if my business is not registered and located in Canada?

    At this time, the program is limited to Canadian registered and domiciled companies.

  5. If I am planning a destination wedding, is this covered under this insurance policy?

    The policy offers worldwide coverage with claims being brought in Canada, the jurisdiction in which your business must be headquartered in order for you to be eligible for coverage (see #3).

  6. Does this policy cover other professions for which I have a designation?

    No. Your work in other professional capacities (ex. TICO, HRPA, etc.) is not covered by this policy.

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