HUB International HKMB's experienced Mergers & Acquisitions Team can help you develop creative ways to avoid or eliminate risk and insurance deal breakers, thus mitigating some of the uncertainties that prevent deals from closing. We know how to tap into today's evolving insurance marketplace to harness its capacity for your situation.

Common Coverages

The breadth of risks covered in the Mergers & Acquisitions risk marketplace sometimes seems limited only by the imagination. Here are just some of the merger-related services and insurance policies that HUB HKMB can arrange:

Coverage of Direct M&A Risks

Representations and Warranties replaces or reduces indemnification requirement under purchase-and-sale agreement.

Tax Opinion Liability addresses potential liability resulting from an adverse tax ruling.

Aborted-Bid Cost Insurance reimburses the company for external costs resulting from an aborted transaction. 

Envirocap covers cost overruns from environmental remediation projects.

Portfolio Transfers assume a company’s entire portfolio of multiple liabilities (often Casualty or product liabilities).

Coverage of M&A Financial Risks

Litigation Liability Cap: This coverage caps liability associated with existing litigation.

Litigation Risk Arbitrage transfers the entire liability for the litigation to an insurance company for a one-time premium.

Litigation Retro Funding provides the insured company an alternate method to finance a settlement.


Kelly Lang

Partner, Vice President, HUB International HKMB, Toronto
Email: kelly.lang@hubinternational.com  
Phone: 416-597-4610

Kelly is in charge of HUB HKMB’s Executive Protection and Professional Liability Practice. His professional specialties include General Partner and Limited Partnership Liability, U.S. Traded Public Companies, Representations and Warranties and Private Equity.

Jim White

Partner, Vice President, HUB International HKMB, Toronto
Email: jim.white@hubinternational.com  
Phone: 416-597-4006
Website: www.hubwhite.com  

As a member of HUB HKMB's Executive Protection and Professional Liability Practice, Jim's particular specialty is professional liability programs for private equity and venture capital firms.