Investment Real Estate Insurance Program

HUB International's Real Estate insurance experts have designed an exclusive insurance product specifically for businesses and individuals that own single or multiple investment properties including:

  • single family or multi-unit residential
  • commercial
  • retail
  • rent to own transactions, and
  • student rentals. YES, WE LOVE STUDENT RENTALS!

There is no cap on the number of properties in a portfolio that can be insured. 


The following coverages are available with the HUB Real Estate Investment Insurance program:

  • Vacancy Coverage up to 120 days
  • Broad form water damage
  • Sewer back up and sump pump failure coverages
  • Flood coverage with low deductibles
  • Tenant vandalism up to $50,000 dollars
  • Building by law coverage




Pitfalls of Insuring Rental Properties under Residential Insurance Policies

  • Most residential insurance policies exclude vandalism caused by the Tenants ...more


If you are interested in receiving a free, no obligation quote on insurance for your investment property(ies), download our Real Estate Investment Property Application


Do I require a home inspection in order to obtain insurance for my investment property?

When purchasing a property, it is helpful to secure insurance if you can provide the insurer with a home inspection. This helps show the condition of the property so that the insurance company can fairly asess a premium.  In most cases, if there is something wrong with the property, the insurance company will allow you a grace period after you acquire the property to correct the deficiencies found in the home inspection.

What components of a home should I look to avoid when purchasing a property?

There are numerous things you may want to avoid when purchasing a property. More recently, insurers are becoming more stringent on what investment properties they choose to insure. If possible, try to avoid the issues below if you are not prepared to remove them after acquisition.

  • Knob and tube electrical wiring
  • Electrical wiring with a mix of aluminum and copper.
  • Galvanized plumbing.
  • Heating, electrical, plumbing, and roofing that has not been updated or maintained in the past 20 years.
  • Oil tanks.

Why should I insure my investment property on a commercial form as opposed to a residential form?

Residential forms are designed to insure properties in which the principal owners live. In some cases, residential forms may have the following types of coverage which are not ideal for investment properties;

  • Limited water damage coverage.
  • Named perils coverage : This means that your property is only covered for the perils listed in the policy. Everything else is excluded.
  • Actual Cash Value : Some residential forms provide coverage which includes the depreciation value of your home. In the event of a loss, there may not be enough coverage to rebuild and replace your property.
  • Vandalism Coverage : In the event intentional damage is caused to your property by a tenant, most, if not all, residential form policies will not provide coverage.
  • Vacancy Coverage : Most residential forms only offer 30 days of vacancy coverage, and often exclude basic forms of coverage when your property is vacant. Commercial form policies look to address these holes in coverage so that you can be more confident you are properly insured.

Why is my property sometimes insured for more or less than what I paid for it?

In most case, you will buy a property at its fair market value, which takes into consideration the condition of any building on the property, the area in which it is located, its proximity to schools, restaurants, grocery stores, and the size of the land that it is built on. When insuring a property, you should only be concerned about how much it would cost to rebuild it.

Is there a cap on the number of properties that I can insure through the HUB Real Estate Investment Insurance program?

There is no cap on the number of properties with the HUB program. We also do not require that HUB handle the insurance on your principle residence in order to handle the insurance on your investment property(ies)..

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Dan Tetzlaff

Sales Lead, Real Estate Investment Insurance Program Team, HUB International Ontario, Oakville
Phone: 905-582-7006

Dan Tetzlaff leads business development on the real estate investment team. He has coupled his knowledge of insurance with his experience working in real estate to help his clients understand the coverage they require in order to protect their assets properly.

Phil Jarvie

Real Estate Investment Insurance Program Leader / Director, HUB International Ontario, Oakville
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Phil Jarvie heads HUB International's real estate investment team. As a savvy investor himself, Phil created this program to properly insure his own investment properties and student rentals. At the time of inception in 2008, there were few products available that addressed the coverage needs of property investors. With the help of HUB and its partners, Phil was able to create a package that is comprehensive and affordable.