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Claims Management and Administration

The litmus test of any insurance arrangement is the speed and efficiency with which claims are handled and settled. HUB Ontario’s in-house Claims Team has the resources, the expertise and the clout to provide our clients with the very best in claims advocacy and management.

Having a centralized Claims Team means we can keep our eye on the big picture, maintaining good relationships with all insurers while diligently advocating individual claims. This benefits all clients.


HUB Ontario has 14 staff dedicated to advocating our clients’ interests with insurers. This means we can monitor and follow-up on claims for clients.


Our Claims Team does nothing but claims, so we are able to manage the process far more effectively. We also speak the same language as adjusters and so can move the claim forward more smoothly.

In addition to handling individual claims, our Claims Team considers our clients’ overall claims situations. We provide qualified risk management advice, creating cost savings for clients through good claims management.

Our experience also allows us to find unique solutions for clients. When we need to bring in outside expertise to assist in handling or settling a claim, we turn to professional advisors such as adjusters, lawyers, forensic auditors, accountants, and engineers that we work with on an ongoing basis. We know these advisors have the knowledge and skills required. Our own understanding of a client’s situation ensures we bring in the right advisor for the job.


We have the clout to advocate our clients’ interests right to the most senior executive levels when necessary.

Specialty Services

Client Advocacy and Carrier Oversight

  • Oversight and coordination of claim activities
  • Communication with clients and service providers
  • Outsourced expertise for problematic claims

Claims Reviews

  • Facilitate between the HUB Claims Consultant, insurance carrier, and client representative(s)
  • Accomplish claim file expectations and action plans

Claim Data Analysis

  • Identify trends and primary cost drivers
  • Develop action plan with the HUB Risk Consultant

Reserve Analysis

  • Review claim provider reserving practices
  • Ensure that excess funds are not tied up in reserves
  • Ensure that financial liabilities are divulged clearly and accurately

Third Party Administrators (TPA)

  • Assist with TPA selection
  • Develop best program and process to manage claims

Settlement Evaluation

  • Assist with analyzing and structuring settlements, executing early resolutions, and exploring alternative dispute resolution options

Coverage Disputes

  • Evaluate and challenge insurance carrier coverage denials

Litigation Management

  • Assist with minimizing legal defense costs
  • Execute communication, develop accepted activities, and create a litigation plan

Subrogation and Second Injury Fund Recoveries

  • Ensure the claim service provider has a process to identify opportunities and maximize expense recovery when a third party is negligent

Claim Audits

  • Strategic audit of client claim files to uncover opportunities to improve quality and reduce claim costs
  • Ensure that claim service providers are performing properly

This list is not all-inclusive

Success Stories

  1. Bad Timing on a Cooling System Breakdown

    A manufacturer of specialty deli meats for the North American market was being acquired by another company. HUB Ontario was to become the insurance broker for the amalgamated organization post-acquisition displacing the incumbent brokers of both companies pre-amalgamation. However, prior to the deal closing, the firm to be acquired had a major equipment breakdown at one of its manufacturing plants. The glycol cooling system, which was essential for operation of the facility, had malfunctioned and required immediate repair. Product was destroyed as a result of the malfunction.

    The acquisition nearly collapsed after this loss because the purchaser was reluctant to sign the final contract with the pending large claim. HUB stepped in to assist in this claim because the incumbent brokers did not volunteer their services. HUB’s excellent relationship with the independent adjusters reassured the purchaser. Our team worked closely with both buyer and seller and, shortly after the loss, the claim was settled in its entirety for $2.4 MM.

  2. Food Contamination Claim

    Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) notifies our Client that one of their retail products is contaminated with salmonella. Numerous customers have sustained serious injury and the product must be pulled from shelves immediately.

    HUB Ontario, with a representative from the client’s insurance company, met with the client the following day to determine:

    • If the cost of the product that must be destroyed will be covered by the Property policy;
    • How to efficiently respond to the Third Party Liability claims;
    • Determine the responsible party (supplier of the product), so that their insurer may be notified.

    From the meeting it is determined:

    • That the product can be destroyed immediately to avoid any contamination of other stock;
    • That the client is not liable for the contamination;
    • The responsible party for the contamination and subsequent injuries is a supplier in the United States.

    HUB then assisted its client with reporting of all claims to their insurer so that claimants would be responded to in a prompt manner, turning a potential disaster into a customer relations opportunity. Claims for reasonable demands were settled immediately by the client’s insurer. When the supplier’s insurer agreed to accept the handling of all claims, HUB monitored the client’s insurer to make sure that all claims were transferred.


    • The supplier indemnified the client for the lost product.
    • All open and paid claims are transferred to the supplier’s insurers.
    • All reserves and payments are removed from the client’s loss history.
    • Future cost of client’s insurance was not affected by the incident.
  3. Shattered Glass Door: Who’s Responsible? Franchisee or Landlord

    A franchisee with insurance through one of HUB’s franchise company programs contacts the HUB Ontario Claims Team to advise that the glass door at their restaurant has shattered. They are not sure how the incident occurred. We advise the franchisee to take immediate steps to prevent any further losses and ask to review their lease agreement. Review of the lease agreement identifies that the landlord is responsible for damage to the door. We direct franchisee to take the matter up with the landlord.


    • Landlord repairs the door;
    • No claim under the franchisee program insurance policy;
    • No deductible for the franchisee to pay;
    • Incident does not affect the cost of future insurance.
  4. Warehouse Theft Discovered through Inventory Audit

    CLIENT: Large manufacturer/distributor of specialty steel products that stores large quantities of product at warehouses across North America

    Employees at one of the client’s U.S. facilities notice numerous discrepancies between computer-recorded and actual inventory counts over a 3-month period. Head office performs an audit to confirm the discrepancies and verifies over $300,000 of missing inventory. Local authorities investigate but do not perform a thorough site search as no signs of forced entry are discovered at this time. Client is concerned that employees are involved, but no evidence is yet available.

    Loss is reported to HUB Ontario and our review of the circumstances reveals that the loss could be covered under either the Property or Crime policy. HUB advises the client of coverage hurdles under each policy and makes recommendations to ensure actual cause of loss is determined (otherwise ‘mysterious disappearance’ exclusion could apply). Both Property and Crime insurers decline coverage under ‘mysterious disappearance’, and argue the other insurer should respond.

    HUB recommends that the client hire a private investigator to explore the potential of employee involvement and to conduct a more thorough investigation. The private investigator rules out employee involvement and finds signs of forced entry. This new evidence is provided to the Property insurer who agrees that coverage is indeed triggered under their policy. However, the Property insurer indicates coverage is subject to multiple deductibles since such a large quantity of steel would have to have been taken over several occurrences. The insurer then further argues that the exclusion for ‘loss discovered upon taking inventory’ applies, and again declines coverage.

    HUB argues that this exclusion does not apply as other evidence of theft existed. HUB performs detailed legal research and discovers relevant precedent cases that support the position of the client both with respect to the exclusion and with respect to the multiple deductibles. HUB meets with representatives of the Property insurer and negotiates a full settlement with the application of only two deductibles.

Client Testimonial

"Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you so much for all your assistance on this most recent claim involving loss of value from hail damage to our vehicles. We could not be more pleased with the result you achieved or happier with the way it was handled...flawless performance!"

"With so many factors potentially working against us somehow you managed to achieve a settlement that fully compensated us for our losses. Our pre-established expectations were exceeded. You sought full relief and succeeded. Clearly, your industry knowledge, the strong rapport you share with our insurers and your outstanding negotiating skills meshed perfectly to create a successful outcome. It is this kind of experience that makes us very pleased to be HUB [HKMB] clients - we feel as though no one could be working for us harder or servicing us better. In fact our entire experience with HUB [HKMB] which now spans at least 8 years has been exceptional throughout. This last accomplishment however tops all that preceded it."

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