Surety Bonds

HUB International Northwest's surety producers average 25 years of direct construction bond experience. We have 10 former construction bond underwriters on staff alone, often with more experience than the surety underwriters with whom we work – and more than all of our local competitors combined.

Our 200 years of combined experience is reflected in our depth of industry knowledge, innovative program designs and problem solving ability. We take a proactive approach to anticipate the impact of ever-changing market conditions and to ensure you maintain optimum surety programs with terms and conditions as favorable as they are cost-effective.

In short, our unique combination of brokerage and underwriting experience helps HUB Northwest produce the ideal solution to meet your unique business needs and objectives. 

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Our surety expertise at work

  • Helped a local, privately held contractor qualify for surety credit under the Department of Energy's (DOE) Super 16 IDIQ energy contract for federal facilities across the country. Our client was one of only two privately held companies to qualify for these DOE contracts.
  • Secured surety security bonding for a diving contractor for a risky aquifer project in New York-taking place 750 feet below ground.
  • Secured surety bonding for a $50 million water filtration project in Colombia, South America.
  • Provided bonding for projects in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.
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