Cara Siegel

Vice President, Communications - East Region

Cara Siegel currently serves as Vice President of Communications for HUB International Limited's East Region, including the Northeast, New England, Southeast and Florida operations, a position held since January 2014.

An employee of HUB since 2002, she has extensive experience in public relations, brand awareness, social media, advertising, national trade shows/conventions, seminar/webinar planning, M&A integration, direct marketing, and much more, working to develop and implement marketing programs and serve as a strategic advisor on communications efforts throughout the Eastern Region. She previously served as HUB's Director of Media Relations and Corporate Brand Management from 2007 - April 2014. She has been the lead coordinator of HUB's participation in the RIMS convention, SHRM, ICSC RECon, and other national conventions over the past several years.

Since her inception with HUB, she has overseen the Northeast and PBC communications programs, leading the charge in developing a full service marketing communications department in this region, including a marketing specialist, graphic designer,and social media consultant. Cara and her team are the go-to resources for all marketing related items at one of the largest regions within the organization, ranging from lead generating programs, overall sales support initiatives and general communications requests.

Prior to joining HUB, Cara served as a marketing associate at IntraLinks, Inc., a leading collaboration software provider based in New York City primarily serving the financial services industry. She holds a bachelor's degree from the State University of New York at Albany and is a licensed Property & Casualty Broker in New York State.