HUB International proudly serves the nonprofit sector through an industry-vertical specialty practice that crafts holistic, state-of-the-art risk management and insurance solutions.

Through our work with tax-exempt entities of all sizes and segments, we understand the sector's financial, operational and governance challenges and speak its language. We excel at reducing organizational cost of risk and administrative burden, relentlessly negotiating best-in-class insurance terms and pricing while functioning as a de facto risk management department. 

Types of Organizations Served:

  • Arts and cultural organizations
  • Educational institutions at all levels
  • Environmental groups
  • Human service providers
  • Charitable trusts and foundations
  • International aid, relief and development organizations
  • Fraternal and membership organizations
  • Religious entities

As a strategic partner, we advocate for tax-exempt organizations of all types and sizes, leveraging our expertise across an array of insurance coverages and value-added services.


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Type of Insurance


Claim Example


Insures against direct physical loss or damage to tangible property and ensuing extra expenses or loss of income.

A fire damages a nonprofit's office and contents, destroying furniture, fixtures, computers and important records. The organization incurs additional expenses to rent and equip temporary office space for several months while its own quarters are repaired.

Fine Arts

Insures against direct physical loss or damage to objects of art, including paintings, drawings, tapestries, statuary, stained glass, precious gems and metals, ornamental ironwork, musical instruments, rare books and manuscripts, and other articles of artistic merit or historical significance.

Steam emissions from an underground utility damage a church organ's blower mechanism in the basement, further damaging the instrument's leather and wood parts. 

Commercial General Liability

Insures against civil liability for bodily injury, property damage, and personal/advertising injury liability arising from premises, operations and products.

An exhibit collapses at a nonprofit fundraiser, sending several patrons to the emergency room. They claim the exhibit was negligently erected by the organization's volunteers.

Sexual Misconduct Liability

Insures against civil liability for bodily and/or personal injury arising from sexual abuse, molestation or exploitation.

A participant in a museum's children's education program claims a custodian accosted and touched him inappropriately while using the lavatory.

Professional Liability

Insures against civil liability for acts, errors or omissions in the rendering of, or failure to render professional services (e.g., healthcare, counseling, consulting, legal, etc.).

The family of a developmentally disabled woman claims that the nonprofit residential facility responsible for her care failed to recognize and arrange treatment for a serious illness.

Automobile Liability

Insures against civil liability for bodily injury and property damage arising from the ownership, operation or use of owned, leased, rented or borrowed/personal motor vehicles.

A nonprofit organization's executive director hits a pedestrian while driving her own car for agency business. The victim's family sues the executive director and the entity for damages.

Workers' Compensation & Employer's Liability

Provides state-mandated wage loss, medical and other benefits associated with workplace injuries, and insures against civil liability under common law.


A nonprofit's long-time receptionist claims that she suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome induced by years of repetitive motion while keyboarding at her computer.


Type of Insurance


Claim Example

International Package

Insures against:

  • Overseas occupational injury (Foreign Employer's Responsibility).
  • Civil liability in foreign jurisdictions for bodily injury, property damage and personal/advertising injury arising from premises, operations or products (Foreign Commercial General Liability).
  • Civil liability in foreign jurisdictions for bodily injury and property damage arising from the ownership, operation or use of owned, leased, rented or borrowed/personal motor vehicles (Foreign Automobile Liability).

May also insure against direct physical loss or damage to property abroad, including ensuing extra expenses and loss of earnings (Foreign Property).


  • An NGO's grants auditor stumbles while alighting from a taxi in a developing nation, breaking his leg badly and requiring medical evacuation to appropriate medical facilities elsewhere on the continent.
  • A traveling board member draws a bath in her hotel room before joining an international conference call, forgetting that the water is running.  The tub overflows, causing damage to her hotel room and the one below.
  • An overseas missionary driving a local friend's borrowed car strikes a child who suddenly darts into her path, killing him instantly. Local police jail the driver and the family seeks financial compensation.
  • An NGO's inventory of malaria nets is destroyed when fire engulfs the local warehouse where they were stored.

Umbrella/Excess Liability

Insures against catastrophic civil liability beyond the limits of specifically-designated primary liability policies.

A van driver transporting his nonprofit agency's handicapped clients skids on a wet road, crossing the median and triggering a multi-vehicle, head-on collision with several fatalities and catastrophic injuries. The primary auto policy limit is only $1 million, but the resulting claims could be as much as $3.5 million.

Management Liability

Insures against civil liability arising from acts, errors or omissions of the organization, its leaders, employees and volunteers, including employment-related offenses and wrongful acts as fiduciaries of group health and welfare plans.

A regulatory agency launches an investigative action of a nonprofit organization based upon alleged financial irregularities reported by several former employees.

Commercial Crime

Insures against loss of assets through criminal acts, including employee dishonesty, computer/funds transfer fraud, depositor's forgery and alteration, counterfeit money orders and paper currency, and loss of money and securities inside/outside the premises.

An internal audit uncovers an embezzlement scheme through which a nonprofit's bookkeeper siphoned off over $500,000 of the organization's assets for her personal gain over a 12-year period. 

Multimedia Liability

Insures against civil liability for personal injury and intellectual property infringement arising from oral, printed, broadcast, electronic, and internet content, including social media.

A photographer claims that a nonprofit advocacy group used his work on its global website without attribution, permission, or compensation, and he seeks monetary damages and injunctive relief.

Network Security & Privacy Liability

Insures against loss or damage to IT networks/digital assets, including ensuing extra expenses and loss of income; civil liability for damage to others' networks/digital assets and for unauthorized release of private information; and breach response costs, including regulatory fines and penalties.

A nonprofit fundraising executive inadvertently leaves his company laptop in an airport shuttle bus while rushing for a flight. The hard drive contains personally identifiable information for thousands of donors. The organization's general counsel is later advised that the event constitutes a data breach, and the nonprofit incurs substantial expenses to notify potentially affected parties, conduct forensic investigations, provide credit monitoring, and engage public relations consultants.

Environmental Liability

Insures against civil liability for bodily injury or property damage arising from pollution, mold or bacteria, including remedial costs.

Residents of a home for the developmentally disabled become ill from unknown conditions that are later determined to have arisen from toxic mold in the aging building.

Kidnap Ransom & Extortion

Insures against kidnap, ransom, extortion, hijacking and other security risks including emergency political evacuation and political detention.

An expatriate NGO manager is abducted by revolutionaries during civil unrest in a developing nation and detained as a political statement.

Political Risk

Insures against confiscation, expropriation, or nationalization of assets by foreign governments, political violence, currency inconvertibility, and revocation of licensure.

After a sudden shift in country leadership, a foreign nation revokes the operating licenses of all foreign NGOs, expelling their personnel and seizing their local bank accounts.

Business Travel Accident & Sickness

Insures against accidental death and dismemberment and emergency medical expenses, including medical evacuation/repatriation, during business travel. May be broadened to include pleasure travel.

Several board members traveling together to a quarterly meeting perish when their airliner crashes on takeoff.

Value-Added Services

  • Affinity Insurance - program design, placement and management for membership associations and organizations with regional/state/local chapters
  • Property & Casualty Risk Management - including regulatory compliance, property conservation, workplace/environmental/fleet/public safety
  • Claims Advocacy - across all lines of insurance
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Alternative Risk Financing, including captive insurance