Co-op and Condo

HUB International Northeast has specialized in insurance programs for Cooperative and Condominium Associations for many years.  We are widely recognized as the industry authority in this insurance sector and have become, by a wide margin, the largest writer of habitational properties in the New York area.  We understand the specific needs of Co-op and Condo Associations and are uniquely qualified to address these needs.

HUB has access to virtually every major insurance carrier as well as our own Risk Purchasing Groups. In addition to our underwriting expertise, we offer a number of services not available through most other insurance brokerages, including:

  • In-house Engineering - Our experts are available to visit properties to identify and address potential dangers. Our engineers are also available to help clients verify the accuracy of insured values.
  • In-house Legal expertise - Our seasoned attorneys can review lease provisions to help clients identify their legal obligations and responsibilities. They can also assist with issues on claims and/or disputes.
  • Environmental Insurance Division - Our dedicated department addresses risks such as asbestos, fuel leaks, and industrial contamination.
  • Executive Protection Division - Our dedicated department works exclusively with coverages such as Directors and Officers Liability. In addition, we have an experienced attorney on staff specifically assigned to address D&O and executive risk issues.

As a leader in the field of Real Estate Insurance, HUB works pro-actively to identify and address the exposures of each individual property and to reduce these risks.  We provide Risk Management training seminars to our clients to help them avoid claims before they occur. We also provide training assistance in Risk Transfer which allows clients to avoid claims for which other parties are responsible - including contractors, commercial tenants, and residential unit owners or lessors.

We are able to minimize premiums and negotiate the most favorable terms available to our clients. We have never looked to provide the "cheapest" insurance available. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive coverage at the most competitive price available.

HUB International Northeast takes great pride in providing the highest level of service and the finest insurance products in the industry. We continually keep our clients informed on developments in the insurance industry and matters which could potentially impact their real estate holdings.

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